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Day 37: Reacting to the new reign

25 August 2020
The announcement of the new Head of House and Deputy brought about different outcomes in the House and on Twitter.
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After Biggie called the Housemates into the Lounge to announce the Head of House’s Deputy choice, some Housemates and viewers had a lot to talk about.

Eviction cripples the Housemates

While discussing with Tolanibaj on Sunday, Prince said, “If at any point I come up in the bottom four, I am going to leave.” Stating his reason why; he said he knew some Housemates didn’t like him and even the ones that liked him would still want to see him leave because they consider him competition in the House. Seeing how well he tried to win in the Head of House Challenge yesterday, Prince felt bad about his performance at the game. He tells Tolanibaj how badly he tried to win this week’s Challenge to enable him to escape the cold hands of possible Eviction and most importantly, dreads leaving his stay in the House in the hands of the Housemates. Tolanibaj gave him a listening ear and cheered him as they cuddled on the hammock.

Some of you are excited to see that the couple has now created an understanding between themselves and are shipping stronger than ever

Some other Housemates had a defeated mood after losing the Immunity privilege this week

A new duo on the throne

Although not new to the Head of House reign, Ozo and Nengi caused a buzz on Twitter as they were both announced as this week’s Lockdown Head of House and Deputy HoH. While some OzoNe shippers were excited to see their favourite couple bag a big win together this week, the Housemates seem to be comfortable with having Ozo lead them to a possible Wager win, for a second time. In addition, they both picked Vee and Neo as their visiting guests for the week.

Ozone shippers, get in here

Some of you think there’s a difference between this new HoH Lounge residents and the previous ones that graced the room. Do you agree?

Meanwhile, some of you seem to have noticed something new happening in the HoH Lounge

Some of you are expecting another Wager win from Ozo this week

We can't wait to see how these two will rule the Lockdown House this week. Any predictions?

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