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Day 37: Fit for the House

25 August 2020
The stakes are getting higher for the Big Brother Naija Lockdown Houmsemates, and it shows even in the morning workouts.
Fit for the House

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Getting snatched for action

Is it just us or did you notice that more of the ladies are wearing waistbands? Today Lucy, Dorathy, Wathoni, Vee and Nengi were all in their workout waist trainers. There is no better time to get snatched than while you are in the Big Brother House. We can't wait to see the results!

Get that run in 

Wathoni, Prince and Laycon kept the pace up running for a little while longer than the others around the arena. We all know that running is good for cardio and see the Housemates usually power up for their workouts in the morning with a jog to get the blood going.

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The pushup club

Our usual twosome Kiddwaya and Brighto kept it at their usual pace with pushups in the corner. Today they were joined as they sometimes are by Trikytee. Kiddwaya seemed quite distracted this morning, however as Trikytee and Brighto continued with their upper body fitness. 

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Crunch for success

Neo led the bigger team in a morning mat routine today taking the role of drill sergeant every time we heard him say 'Everybody up!' The Housemates would stop after every set and he would call out those who stopped before the set was over. Many of the Housemates looked so tired that they just went as hard as they could before they stopped. Neo then got more of them involved, going around the floor to allow everyone to count through their workouts- which seemed to have worked for the Housemates as they planked for the rest of the morning. Ozo kept up with Neo while Erica and Tolanibaj lagged behind as they seemed tired than usual. 

Lone ranger

Prince and Lucy stayed on the sidelines, participating in their own floor workouts for the morning. Prince broke a sweat until the Housemates had to leave the Arena and go back inside. Lucy broke early to go and help Dorathy with a workout move that she had been trying for a while, leaving Dorathy tired and therefore done with her workout with 15 minutes to spare. The ladies then settled on the bench, talking about the Wager and wondering whether they would get props today so they could prepare properly.

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Morning advice

'"That's why there is a time; time stops, you don't stop," Wathoni advised Laycon. She seems preoccupied this morning with who is fake in the House and who is not. Wathoni showed concern that while they are in the House, they would think certain people are their friends, and once they got outside they would see receipts that people were in fact not their friends. Laycon added that the Housemates came here to grow and people were watching them grow; watching their mistakes and their moves. Laycon was adamant that their time in the House would add value to their stays.

The Housemates showed up today- whether to exercise their minds, their friendships or their bodies; they showed out. There are still a few weeks to go as our Housemates try to keep their heads in the Game, and we watch to see what that means. 

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