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Day 36: Ozo’s second HoH win

24 August 2020
After a very competitive and tight Challenge tonight, Ozo emerges as this week’s Lockdown Head of House for the second time this Season.
Week 6 Hoh BB

Before the games began, Biggie reminded Tolanibaj and Erica on their punishment for flouting his House rules, which is – they were barred from this week’s Head of House Task and may also not be nominated for the post of Deputy HoH. Also, as incumbent Head of House, Kiddwaya was automatically not allowed to partake in the game, neither was he allowed to be nominated as Deputy Head of House.

The quest

For this evening, each of the Housemate had two minutes to play the Head of House game. The Housemate who goes farthest in the game within the allotted two minutes wins the title of Head of House. And as always, the winner gains Immunity for the week, exclusive access to the Head of House lounge and power to nominate a fellow housemate as Deputy Head of House.

Like last week, the Head of House and Deputy Head of House will have the privilege to invite one guest each into the Head of House luxury Lounge per week. The restriction here is that these guests are not allowed to spend the night in the Lounge and definitely not permitted to sleep in the Head of House bed.

In addition to the usual HoH game, Biggie added some new features like the removal of the ‘Game Over’ card, introducing a physical key to the gold chest and some obstacles like the “Breeze on a cup’ and ‘Fold a fabric’ obstacle.

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Now let’s see how your faves fared in this Challenge:

The HoH Task was a very competitive one that had the Housemates running faster than ever and moving in high steps through their course. Starting with Prince who made it to step 23 to Trikytee and Wathoni who both fought hard and made it to step 25 each and of course, the star performances from Nengi and Vee who came so close to finishing the course as they made it to step 29 each, it was definitely a highly competitive game that kept us with mouths open and our hands on our shoulders, watching the Housemates fight for a big win this week. An escape from the cold hands of Eviction sure leaves you running faster than you can imagine.

1598300449 34 screenshot 2020 08 24 at 20.18.38

Ozo’s big win

As highlighted above, some of the Housemates came close to winning but like every battle, there can be only one winner. For this Challenge, Ozo finished faster than the others as he completed the course before the buzzer rang. Which makes him the only Housemate that has ruled the Lockdown House twice.

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As expected, the Head of House requires a Deputy and for this reason, Biggie asked Ozo to choose his Deputy. After a 20-minute interval, he was called to make his choice: his first choice was Nengi, second choice, Dorathy and third choice Vee. Immediately after his choice was made, Biggie called the Housemates into the Lounge and made this announcement. Nengi happily accepted her new role and gave Ozo a hug for this. Ozone shippers, how happy were you when you saw this?

1598300330 34 screenshot 2020 08 24 at 21.12.16

Seeing that Ozo’s first reign gave the House their first and only Wager win, should we anticipate a second win for the House this week?

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