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Day 35: ‘Mark your territory’ – Tolanibaj

23 August 2020
Following last night’s entanglement drama, Tolanibaj advises Wathoni to mark her territory with Brighto.
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Another Sunday, another Live Eviction Show in the Lockdown House and the Housemates spent the morning getting ready for what is to come. While on their Sunday routine Darling hair styling session, some Housemates entertained us with some gist from last night and of course as expected, some mild Lockdown drama.

Pleasant advice

During their conversation in the Garden, Wathoni talks to Tolanibaj about her conversation with Brighto last night. Knowing that Tolanibaj and Brighto are close friends in the House, she asked Tolanibaj if Brighto said anything about liking her, saying she knows Brighto is a weird guy who never admits his feelings. Tolanibaj replied saying the only reason Brighto left Dorathy on his bed last night was because he doesn’t like treating women badly, so he tried avoiding making her feel somehow; so this might then imply that Brighto likes Wathoni.

Still on this subject, Wathoni asked Tolanibaj on what to do about her current love triangle. Tolanibaj replied saying she should mark her territory with Brighto to avoid further complications or confusion. She also urged her to make the move by bringing up the conversation with Brighto instead of waiting for Brighto to act on it. “I’m tired of being in triangles, I want to make this one a straight line,” Wathoni replied.

Now let’s see what some fans on Twitter are saying about this matter. Do you think some of the Housemates are right about Brighto playing Wathoni and Dorathy or could this just be a case of misplaced feelings?

Another cleaning squabble featuring Lucy

As expected as a daily routine in the Lockdown House, there was another argument regarding cleaning duties amongst the Housemates. On this table sat Lucy and Tolanibaj leaving us confused as they argued for a long minute about who was right or wrong. Tolanibaj being the Deputy Head of House for the week, had grouped the Housemates according to the cleaning chores in the House and of course, with Lucy being on kitchen duties, Brighto was paired with her to assist. Apparently, Lucy had started off her cleaning duties alone and Tolanibaj seeing that she was doing all the chores on her own, asked that she calls Brighto to join. Lucy insisted on not doing so and made it clear that she didn’t mind getting her job in the kitchen done and leaving the rest for Brighto to handle when he sees the messy part. They both dragged the argument with Tolanibaj making her point that Lucy should make cleaning duties a team effort instead of making it seem as if she was left to do the cleaning on her own; while Lucy kept saying it wasn’t a big deal for her to clean up when she’s ready and Brighto could also do the same.

 After a long minute of this argument, Brighto was called to join in the cleaning and we were wondering if this couldn’t have been done earlier. Anyway, who do you think was right or wrong in this argument?

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