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Day 35: When Biggie was away

23 August 2020
This week the Big Brother Housemates got into more trouble than usual because Biggie was away, here's the break down.
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From the neck to the head

This week saw Kiddwaya move up from being the second in charge to the top dog. His reign came with its complications and he managed to deal with them spectacularly. He could often be seen enjoying his seat of power and the perks that come along with it. Time and the Votes during the next weeks will tell if it was as good for him as it was for everyone else. 

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From flowers to fights
This week started off very lovey-dovey for Neo as he asked Biggie for flowers to make Vee’s birthday a memorable one. Neo’s request saw him sacrifice some of his legendary drip, but in the end, Vee’s happiness made it all worthwhile. On Saturday the lovers got into a quarrel over food and there were signs that the smooth sailing ship had hit some very rough waters. With both Neo and Vee angry at each other for different reasons, there is no telling if this is the end or another fight to keep the love alive.

Twisted Diary
The Diary Room has always been the perfect place to lay out any issues that you have with other Housemates without the fear. This concept was turned on its head when Housemates took on the role of Biggie. This led to some Housemates closing up and sharing less, while others took the opportunity to gossip and air out their grievances with the person who was acting as their Biggie. If you thought that Diary Sessions couldn’t get any spicier, you were wrong.


Scheming on the schemer
After sharing an intimate kiss with Brighto, Wathoni decided to test the famous strategist's fidelity. When Dorathy asked for permission to pursue Brighto from Wathoni, it gave Wathoni the perfect opportunity to catch him out. Wathoni instructed Dorathy to ask Brighto to share a bed that night, knowing full well that Brighto had already promised Wathoni to spend the night with her. Once again Brighto flexed his strategic muscles and somehow managed to manoeuvre his way through this minefield by switching beds in the middle of the night. 

Lucy and her loudness

Whether Biggie is around or not, there always seems to be a loud situation involving Lucy in the Household. This week there were three that had viewers locked to their screens.  The first disagreement was with Kidddwaya after and had to do with the Weekly Wager. The second involved Prince and his request for pampering. The last had to do with Friday Night Arena Games and making sure that they were played fairly. There isn't a week that goes by in Biggie's House without Lucy having her say, and it's always a joy to behold. 

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The only thing left to be seen is how Biggie’s return impacts the Housemate’s and if their actions during the week, will lead to fines or accolades.

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