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Day 35: Biggie don't play

23 August 2020
The return of Biggie led to major changes inside and outside the Big Brother House. Here are the ones that had us shook.
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It seems that every year the Big Brother Housemates learn the same lesson. When Biggie gives you a rule, you had better listen or be ready to deal with the consequences. Today the Housemates had to deal with the blowback from their naughty actions during a joyous week without Biggie. There was much speculation about where Biggie went and how he spent his time away and out of all the comments these were the ones that had us giggling uncontrollably.

The impact of Biggie’s return was felt as much by the Housemates as it was by their fan bases. The Strikes that Biggie issued out led to so many strikes on the keyboards of Twitter users that we had to highlight the people who moved us with their sentiments. 

After all the drama this week, it’s hard to believe that the Housemates will settle down and play the game the same way they did before. The only question is if they will play the game safer than they did before, or if this event will inspire them to continue giving us what we all want, enough drama to fill an omnibus. Keep your eyes locked on Big Brother to find out.

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