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Day 34: Partying with the Geng

22 August 2020
It's another lit Saturday Night Party and we experience what it feels like partying with the BBNaija Lockdown Geng.
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It’s a Saturday and you finally decided to attend a lit Party after months of being on lockdown. Lucky for you, this Party happened to be the Saturday Night Party with the Lockdown Housemates and you had the time of your life. So, how did it go? Let’s find out.

Stepping into the club

Just as you stepped into the club, you immediately ran into the Lockdown Geng looking gorgeous and dressed in fabulous outfits. Good thing you came in also dressed to kill too. There was no intimidating you on a night like this, but deep down you had to admit, the Housemates outfits were quite stunning. You made mental note to look up the designers of some of their outfits and probably order something similar for yourself.

Quenching the thirst

You came into the club a bit thirsty. Blame it on the fact that you had to get to the club in good time and you ended up forgetting to get a sip. You didn’t have to stay thirsty for long; you soon got your drink while Kiddwaya and Neo were at the bar stand hooking up the rest of the Housemates with drinks. A quick shout out to Guinness for the drinks in endless supply.

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Time to Party

Thirst quenched and off to the dance floor you went! At first, you were a bit rusty. It’s been months since you partied, so it was understandable that it took you a while to get your dance groove back. It didn’t take too long though. It never takes anyone that long to get their groove on especially when DJ Obi was on the turntables dishing out back to back Naija hits. A few hits and you already had your hands in the air and your home training on the floor because who needs home training on the dance floor. But you made sure to pick it up when the Party ended. You still needed your home training. You gave Laycon, Neo, Nengi and Praise a run for their money. When they moved you moved. When they grooved you grooved and when they twerked? You got it poppin'.  You even tried matching Lucy's energy, but you tapped out not too long after. No one was topping Lucy's energy last night.

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Joined the mirror Geng

There’s something about watching yourself dance in front of the mirror that amplifies the mood and you weren’t going to miss out on that feeling as you quickly joined Erica and Tolanibaj as they danced gleefully in front of the mirror.

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The fun moments

You couldn’t help but smile when you saw Brighto dancing. You reached for your phone and took a picture of him. You weren’t the only one who was going to see this, the internet had to too.  Then there was Kiddwaya, you weren’t putting your phone back down until you took a picture of him dancing too.

What's going on?

Something was brewing during the Party. For some reason, Neo was not dancing with Vee, but he was dancing with everybody else. At some point, he became worked up during the Party and Ozo and Laycon had to pacify him. Was there trouble in paradise? What could be up?

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Chike to the rescue

Remember at one point you started envying all the Housemates that were booed up on the dance floor and just when you were about to call it a night cause ain’t no way in hell, you’d let couples tension you on a night out, Chike, the Boo of the Booless stepped on stage to rescue you.

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Background buzz

There was murmuring in the back and you knew it was juicy. if only you could hear what they were saying. What juicy gist were they passing to each other?

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Oh well, it was a fun night and you had a ball. The Lockdown Housemates were really fun bunch to Party with. 

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