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Day 34: In the absence of workouts

22 August 2020
What’s the Lockdown routine when there’s no compulsory morning workout?
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Besides looking forward to the Saturday Night Party tonight, the Lockdown Housemates are fond of taking advantage of Saturday mornings in Biggie’s House. From sleeping extra long hours to dragging their feet to eat breakfast and not being bothered about rushing to do some cleaning, here’s what they got up to today:

Why fall in love when you can fall asleep?

The Housemates happily slept through the morning as they didn’t have Biggie’s sounding alarm to disrupt their beauty sleep. We couldn’t help but notice some of the boo’ed up couples laying in bed with their partners, while the other booless Housemates slept peacefully without any entanglement drama to worry about. It could have been the long fun night they had last night that kept them in bed till almost noon, or perhaps, sleeping all day will keep them refreshed all night long at the Saturday Night Party.

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Hangover sucks

It was no surprise seeing the ‘tranquility’ king looking all sober this morning after getting all turnt last night during the games night. As he dragged himself to the kitchen to fix himself some breakfast, we couldn’t help but think back at all the fun Trikytee had last night. Who would have thought there would be a day where the Lockdown bandanna lord will get himself to a drunken state in the House?

We sure saved the moment for you.

Early morning gossip

Laycon, Prince and Praise served us some early morning tea as they discussed some things that went down in the Lockdown House last night. First, Laycon tells the gossip gang about his encounter with Erica in the kitchen. According to him, Erica offered him some spaghetti she was cooking and he declined her offer. Later on, he goes on to tell them that he was laying on the bed with Wathoni and Erica walked in on them, minutes later, he went back to his room and met his ring on his bed. Remember the fake engagement between Erica and Laycon that was acted out in the House? Well, it may seem as though Erica tried sending a message by returning it back to the owner, or to be fair, she just doesn’t want it.

Still on this hot tea that they served; the trio discussed Brighto’s new entanglement in the House. According to them, Brighto seems to be playing Dorathy and Wathoni and after seeing Wathoni in bed with Brighto all night long just seconds after Dorathy had come to tell him goodnight, we think their gist might be legit o. What do you guys think? “Brighto said he’s not interested in getting into any relationship here. He’s just using them to catch cruise,” Praise said. To which Laycon replied teasing him about having feelings for Wathoni, meanwhile ending up in the arms of Brighto at night.

After this conversation, they talked about Kiddwaya sleeping on Erica’s bed in the main House, as opposed to the Head of House Lounge and they concluded by saying they hope Kiddwaya won’t put the House in trouble by attracting Biggie’s wrath. Minutes later, Laycon was talking to Neo about last night and how Erica saw him with Wathoni and returned his fake engagement ring. They were about to pour some more tea before Kiddwaya joined them in the Lounge and the conversation changed to the games that happened last night.

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While we look forward to partying with DJ Obi and Chike later tonight, who else agrees that these Housemates appear to be bonding so well, yet there’s so much underlying drama with sprinkles of fakeness beneath it all? Let’s watch it all unroll!

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