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Day 33: Becoming Biggie

21 August 2020
We asked BBNaija fans what they would do in the House and to the Housemates if they were Biggie and the replies were interesting.
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It’s no longer news that the House is missing one key personality and that’s no one other than Big Brother himself. If you didn’t know Biggie has been away, well this is kind of awkward cause he’s been gone for quite a while and this can only mean, you haven’t been watching. Wow! Anyway, because we are nice, we will give you a recap. Biggie took a vacation from the House and the Housemates have been on their own with minimal supervision for almost a week now. It’s been long since we heard his warm and sometimes menacing voice boom through the House.

Biggie's absence has left room for wild guesses as to his whereabouts. Let’s just say some of the guesses are the funniest we have ever heard. A few of the Housemates thought he was mad at them while the internet thought… you know what? Just read for yourself.

To be honest, we’d love to tell you where Biggie went but we’d let him do that himself when he gets back.


Biggie’s vacation did come with some pros. Top on the list of the pros was the opportunity to take up Biggie’s power and suggest what happens in the BBNaija House. We asked that you send in your suggestions and you gave us quite a lot of responses with the #IfIWereBiggie hashtag.

New Lockdown Geng Members

After five Evictions, the Housemates are down to 15 and from your responses, 15 won’t do. You want more! You suggested that to spice things up a bit, there should be a few more Housemates added.

They didn’t have to be real Housemates; you guys would gladly accept fake Housemates too.

Fake Evict a few

Since you were already suggesting the addition of fake Housemates, why not fake Evict a few (especially favs and romantic partners) just to set fire to the House.

Storm the ships

It’s been smooth sailing for ships in the House in recent times with no particular threat and most of you want to switch things up. You just can’t believe these Housemates in relationships genuinely like/love each other and you want to see what would happen in the face of an irresistible threat. Once again, you are asking for more Housemates, but for a different purpose this time.

You even suggested pairing them with other Housemates just to upset the ships.

Not only do you want to storm ships and have a certain Housemate punished, but you also want the cliques dissolved.

Punish the offenders

Of course, while the cat is away, the mice will play or fight and rebel in the case of the Housemates. You guys noticed this and came up with quite drastic punishments for them. Take for instance this suggestion that left us flabbergasted. What in the BDSM type of punishment is this?

Oh well, you are Biggie now. You get to tell us how you want it done.

A few of you weren’t impressed with the Housemates Wager performance and for that, they deserved to be punished.

Talk to a counsellor

Fun and games aside, you do think the Housemates need to talk to a professional psychologist and you know what, that’s actually a great idea.

Let’s play pranks on them!

You came up with quite interesting pranks and we are quite sure you had devilish grins on your faces when you typed a couple.

Some of you went just a little bit too far though and it’s not that we don’t see how feasible the idea is, but are you sure? We need you to be sure cause there’s no turning back when we get the wheels in motion. Take this for example.

Watch some of your suggestions here

The responses keep pouring in and you all have amazing ideas of thing you'd do if you are Biggie. Be on the lookout, your suggestion might be the one that makes its way into the House.

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