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Day 32: A slam of a Wager

20 August 2020
Big Brother Challenged the Housemates to a poetry Slam describing the difference between men's love language and women's love language. The Housemates took to the Challenge and here was the outcome.
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'Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, young and old, men and women of all classes and strata of society', tonight's Wager was too much to describe you will have to watch it for yourself:

What the ladies had to say:

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Dorathy was first to take the stand and hit low putting the guys in their place with the statement 'Love, love, love. Men. My love language is a special sound and if you listen then we will be fine.' 

Erica portrayed the life of a woman so mistreated that she felt unworthy of love. 'You make love not worth giving, it's sickening.'

Tolanibaj chose to show the fearful woman, offering that 'I can't help that I've been hurt, there's layers of my heart you refuse to peel, you'd rather stamp it into the dirt.'

Vee showed the attitude when she relayed 'Women have emotions, but I'm not sure men have them too. Different players, but it's the same damn game, they leave you heartbroken but never feel any shame.'

Nengi was a sassy woman opening with 'I'm attractive, and I know I am. So I will always have your attention. But unlike bees and honey, you hover around for your own pleasure.'

Wathoni was a factual woman asking 'Are you scared of expressing your feelings? Does this make you feel weak?'

Lucy was the calm and collected woman who told Praise 'When a woman loves, she becomes soft and kind unless it is not reciprocated, then it becomes aggressive, almost unreceptive.'


What the gents offered:

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Kiddwaya offered to the women that 'Womaniser, heartbreaker, just a few words I get called on a daily. I'm sure you're not aware of the pain it causes me'. Continuing that he needs a patient understanding woman who not ignore his feelings. 

Laycon performed a grand entrance when he began with a Shakesperean offering, calling out to his 'Lovely paramour' stating 'Thou should have known that we show our love different!'

A grandiose Prince offered 'Fear, an emotion I am now accustomed to, I constantly walk on eggshells, anytime I am around you. trying so hard not to piss you off!'

Neo was confident in offering that 'Men are scum, so they say. My mama made me a man, but not the same man they say. Men don't show feelings? And they think men don't cry. Men never fall in love? Well, let me tell you something, that's a lie.'

Ozo was a smooth talker offering thee ladies: 'I have to fight for the right to be your 'Mr Right'. Reminding the ladies that he can also get warmth from more ladies like the beauty in front of him.

Praise was smug in his response saying 'Love, love, love, they say. when I love, I love deep. Why do you make me feel like I'm always gonna mess up or let you down?'

Brighto was calm and opened up to say 'I might not be capable to interpret my love to a language you understand. But you fail to recognise tht the love and good things you desire in life, in my heart can be found.'


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Without much ado, let us get to the crux of the matter. We know who the real winner of the night was, and so we will leave you with this:


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