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Day 31: A memorable birthday for Vee

19 August 2020
It was Vee's birthday in the Big Brother Naija House and Neo pulled out all the stops for her.
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Vee was very excited by the fact that it was her birthday today, and we could see it. While she was doing her chores this morning, she and Nengi talked about her birthday. Before she went to bath she spoke about her birthday. When Neo was trying to get to the bathroom before her, she shouted that it was her birthday. How could he forget? Last night we witnessed Neo give up a few items in order to get a gift into the House for Vee.

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A special delivery

Neo was called to the storeroom to pick up his special delivery: the flowers he had arranged from Biggie in his Diary Session a few days ago. The flowers fetched quite a heavy price, as he paid a shirt as well as all his remaining BB Naira. Incredible. Neo fetched his flowers taking them directly to the Garden with the help of Kiddwaya. Ozo came outside to check the quality of the merchandise and all three gents seemed pleased before Kiddwaya hid the flowers in the Head of House Lounge.

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Just a reminder, it's my birthday

Once Vee and Neo were done with their morning showers they came to the table to eat where Vee spared no moment to remind Neo that it was her birthday and expecting special treatment for it. She did not know how special the treatment was about to get. When Neo reminded her that she had had more eggs than him from their plate, she reminded him that it was her birthday. When Neo asked her why she was speaking a certain way, she reminded him that it was her birthday, anything Neo asked or remarked- you guessed right- it was her birthday. At some point, it seemed that Neo was trying to throw Vee off his tail so she would not suspect anything. 

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The birthday card

Right before  Wager practice, Neo went to check on the flowers one more time, making sure everything was perfect, for some reason he seemed very nervous. Kiddwaya brought the scroll with the message out of the HOH Lounge for Neo to read. He approved and sent it back to be with the flowers- which seemed to be the Houses big secret of the day, as everyone except Vee seemed to know. Next up, Neo sat at the dining room table with Kiddwaya, Trikytee, Ozo and Nengi contemplating what to write in the card. Needless to say, our loverboy found some words and did the honour of signing his boo's card. After he was done, he made sure that everyone in the House signed the card, taking it personally to everyone.

The plan

Neo recounted to his fellow Housemates how he had to give Biggie something personal and then give up all his BB Naira for the flowers garnering much support from his Housemates. He and Kiddwaya planned how the presentation of the flowers was going to go, with help from Tolanibaj and Praise to make sure that it was all perfect. Friends, a lot went into this day. 

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Happy birthday!

'Head of House, how far?' Asked Vee when she came into the lounge where Praise was trying to get her into a game. She had been told to come to the lounge as practice was shortly underway, and needed to be sure she would not be in trouble for playing while she should be listening. She still did not get it. Praise managed to get Vee into the position they discussed, while Kiddwaya sat on the chair to brief everyone for the Wager. Neo snuck out to get the cake and the flowers, returned and stood behind Vee to surprise her. She as certainly surprised when she found out what had just happened. 

'You guys are so annoying!' screamed Vee as she was presented with her cake, her flowers, a card and a lovely birthday rendition 'Happy Birthday' from her Housemates.  When they thought she would cry, she exclaimed 'I don't cry, I'm a thug'. For her Housemates she had to say 'I love you guys, you are very important to me', and to Neo 'And you Mr Man, I'm so happy you're here.' Take a look at her day here: 

Today was certainly one for the books for Neo and Vee and we hope to see many more incredible moments such as this in the House as we continue together on our journey to the end of Big Brother season five. 

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