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Day 31: Love bits and Biggie’s new rules

19 August 2020
Even on a quiet night in the Lockdown House, the Housemates kept us glued to our screens with small drama.
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The night served us moments that left the viewers with mixed emotions. Before we go into all that happened, who else misses hearing Biggie’s voice? The Housemates spent the day pleading and almost crying for Biggie to talk to them. Lol, Biggie is on vacay. All work and no play…

More on this seemingly complicated friendship

At this rate, we’ll need Biggie to return from his vacation and address Laycon and Erica abeg. These two seemingly care about each other, unfortunately, feelings got in the way and someone got hurt in the process. To protect his sanity, Laycon asked Erica for space so she can focus on her relationship with bae, but as expected in every friendship breakup, Erica doesn’t seem to be taking the space pretty well. “I’m not comfortable with the fact that you’re acting as if I’ve done something evil to you. I’ll like to know why it’s happening and if I should continue to expect this cold attitude,” she said. To which Laycon replied saying, “Do you think I’m doing that consciously? You haven’t done anything to me.”

According to her, she has noticed the cold shoulders Laycon has been giving her recently. She pointed the instance that happened today during the Task prep, when she asked Laycon for what the word “meta” means in Yoruba language; however, Laycon didn’t pay her any mind and ignored her question. She expressed her hurt and pointed out that Ozo even noticed the way Laycon ignored her. Laycon admits that he heard her question but didn’t answer her because he felt she had the answer figured out already.

In her defense, Erica tells Laycon that she wouldn’t have asked him if she knew the answer to the question. She goes ahead to express her surprise seeing that Laycon has decided to get closer to Kiddwaya, meanwhile he keeps being hostile towards her. “Are you doing it on purpose?” she asked him. Laycon then explains himself by telling her that although he knows he’s been cold towards her, he wants her to understand that he’s not being intentional about it.

Some of you are proud of Erica for approaching Laycon to clear the tension between them

However, some people think it's important to note that Erica called him first


Friendly advice

After their conversation in Biggie’s kitchen, Laycon spoke to Neo about it, while Erica went to Kiddwaya to narrate how the talk went. We’re not sure if they went to talk to other people about it to get it off their chest or they genuinely need advice on how to move forward in the friendship.

Speaking of giving a piece of friendly advice, Kiddwaya spoke to Erica about the type of ‘nice’ guys she should look out for when she’s ready for a relationship. He began the chat by telling her how much he respects women, hence his reason for always being friendly and appearing as a flirt to others. According to him, women are the strongest beings and should be accorded with respect and love.

Erica cuts him short as she reminded him of his previous relationship and how it didn’t end well, to which Kiddwaya defends himself by saying he wasn’t ready for a serious commitment at that time. He also tells her that it’ll be hard for anyone to be in a serious relationship in the Lockdown House because one has to be focused on the game.

He goes on to talk to Erica about trusting her to make the right decisions when it comes to choosing a man for herself and Erica replied him saying she wants to focus on herself and her career for now. It was no surprise hearing him talk to her about the kind of man to look out for, after all, they’ve both admitted to being special friends 😉

Let’s see what Twitter had to say about this friendly advice

Working towards a Wager win

Biggie took a minute from his vacation to send this week’s Wager Task brief to his guests. For this Task, the Housemates are to present the topic, 'Love is a language men and women speak differently'. This should be presented as a debate and also as a poetry showcase or poetry slam (spoken word poetry competition). The House has the freedom to decide the exact structure of the debate and poetry showcase, as long as all housemates fully participate in the presentation.

Tell us why this simple instruction caused confusion amongst the Housemates as they all seemed to have different views and interpretations of the Task.

In addition to the Wager brief, Biggie introduced a new rule to the game – all Heads of House and their Deputies must use the bed for the purpose of sleeping. Meaning, all make-believe bed spaces like the couch or floor, must stop henceforth.

How do you think the current Head of House and his Deputy will cope with Biggie’s new rule? How about their resident love interests? We’ll see.

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