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Day 31: How the Housemates keep surprising us

19 August 2020
Every day the Big Brother Housemates find new ways to show us they are more multifaceted than we think.
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It’s not easy playing the Big Brother game, and showing your hand to fellow Housemates may end up leading to your downfall. Here are a few times that the Housemates opened themselves up by sharing things that might influence their chances later on.

Kiddwaya inspiring comradery

As the Housemates time in lockdown continues, there are new issues that arise and how they are dealt with says heaps about the Housemates. The new Head of House, Kiddwaya, tried to get the House to be closer by suggesting that food and eating become a communal activity. His attempt showed that he was serious about bringing the House together even if the result wasn’t as desired.

Prince tips Lucy

It’s not easy counselling someone as it is easy for the advice to be taken the wrong way. This was a risk that Prince took when he spoke to Lucy about her approach and not wanting to participate in Tasks. His opinion could have led to a total fall out between the pair, but by taking the risk he fostered a greater understanding between them. The kind of understanding that might one day extend to more important issues like possible future alliances. 


Neo goes the extra mile

It's hard to put yourself out there and give into love completely. Neo showed that his feelings for Vee are deeper than words when he sacrificed his clothes and BB Nairas to make sure his partner had a gift specifically from him. The look on Vee’s face when she accepted the flowers and cake must have made his sacrifice feel worth it. 

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Laycon opens up to Tolanibaj
After much drama about his previous interest, Laycon shared with Tolanibaj how he feels about Wathoni. He could have chosen to keep his interest secret, but by sharing he allowed the connection to deepen between them. In a House where everyone is trying not to share private feelings, this act of bravery might lead to Laycon being exposed or cement the honesty between them forever.  


Brighto shares his point of view
As someone who keeps his cards close to his chest, Brighto hasn’t been in the habit of sharing his private thoughts with anyone, but after a conversation with Wathoni, he shared how he feels about his closest competition. Letting someone know who you fear, and why, can either go well or open you up for an attack. It’s hard to tell if this is another one of his schemes or a genuine attempt at bonding. Either way, the quiet man spilt some hot tea and we got to enjoy sipping on it.


The Housemates keep finding new ways to surprise us all and if you want to see them, then all you have to do is stay tuned to Big Brother Naija.

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