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Day 31: Choose your gossip gang

19 August 2020
Amebo is always sweet but have you tried gossiping with your partner? It’s sweeter abeg!
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After pulling off a romantic surprise for his resident bae, Neo finally divulges to Vee how he was able to get her the roses for her birthday. In their conversation, he talks to her about requesting for the flowers from Biggie a week before her birthday and takes her through the trade by barter that occurred last night before his wish was finally granted. He then made her understand that although they aren’t officially a couple, he finds her really special to him in the House and did everything he could to prove it to her by going the extra mile to make her smile – which includes starving for the week, since he traded all his BB Naira for the gift.

As expected, Vee found Neo’s surprise really cute and gave him some kisses on the cheeks to express her gratitude.

After sharing that ‘awww’ moment, they go on to do some amebo, where they discuss some of the Housemates. Neo tells Vee about the Laycon, Erica and Kiddwaya triangle. He said Laycon told him about a time when he was in the kitchen with Erica, and Kiddwaya walked in and gave Erica a kiss on the lips while looking at Laycon in the eyes. There's something cute about hearing couples do small amebo and we've seen some of the resident couples spill the tea about the Lockdown Housemates. We love to hear it!

Define being bossy

Tolanibaj asked Erica if Kiddwaya had apologized to Lucy, following their little altercation last night after receiving the Wager brief. Erica replied saying Lucy didn’t want to come out to have a talk with Kiddwaya, so it still seems there’s tension between them. They both then go ahead to talk about Lucy and how she seems detached from the House. According to Tolanibaj, Lucy opened up to her in the third week about wanting to take voluntary exit because she felt alone after Ka3na’s Eviction.

Then Erica mentioned that she spoke to her a few days ago that she can talk to her if she wants to; since Lucy said she feels bad about the Housemates not rating her in the House. “She told me that I changed when I was Head of House and said Kiddwaya and I were acting like small lords. She even said I once told someone to shut up when I was reading a brief,” Erica told Tolanibaj as she discloses more about the conversation she had with Lucy.

Tolanibaj replied saying it’s true that she actually changed during her HoH reign but it was for a good cause and rightly so. In the bid to explain her point, Tolanibaj told Erica that being Deputy HoH changed her a bit. She explained what transpired between herself and Trikytee yesterday morning and further explained that the role comes with a lot of responsibilities in the House and one has to step up to them, even if it means fighting with a friend to do things right. Erica agreed as she cited the misunderstanding, she had with her friend Brighto when she was Head of House.

While some of you thought this conversation should be tagged as gossiping, others couldn’t help but think this was brewing into a new bestie alert. See some reactions we caught below:

Since cliques have clicked and alliances have been formed, the Lockdown House has become a hub of gossip for the Housemates but we’re not complaining. Who no like amebo?

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