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Day 31: Working it out

19 August 2020
The Big Brother Housemates work out every morning, here is today's rundown.
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We are on day 31 of the Housemates stay, with 15 remaining and the stakes getting higher. Though dynamics may change one thing remains the same: their routine. Every weekday morning they convene in the Arena to work out. The Housemates seemed to be out if it today as they did not show their usual upbeat attitude.

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The Warmup

The Arena opened up this morning to most of the Housemates warming up with a jog around the floor. The group made up of Trikytee, Laycon, Prince and Ozo, ran countless laps around the Arena. Praise and Lucy walked, arm in arm, talking. After last nights debacle, it seems Lucy still has a lot on her mind. While these Housemates warmed up a few were definitely on the sidelines taking it easy. The usually high-energy Erica sat most of the morning out, wrapped up in a blanket. Vee and Tolanibaj took the same opportunity, sharing a blanket and catching up through the workout session. Wathoni started the session lying on the bench and managed to do this right through the entire session- keeping herself away from everyone.

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The focused trainers

From the get-go Kiddwaya and Brighto hit the mats, while the pair talked through the session, they kept in their corner, actively doing pushups and giving themselves intermittent breaks to chat through the day. There seemed to be something on Kiddwaya's mind, that only he and Brighto will know.

Dorathy picked her corner where she decided on a serious morning workout, including squats and pushups until she worked up a sweat. When she as done she chatted to Lucy who was also tired now and had to sit down while Praise joined thee others on the mats. 

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Getting into it with floor workouts

Nengi who had been warming up on the stability ball, joined Ozo and Neo for a core work out on the mats. The three Challenged and egged each other on through various ab workouts which included situps and side crunches.

Prince, Trikytee and Praise were on the other end of the arena focusing on their upper body workouts- keeping the biceps in shape as they worked on their pushups. Each round was 20 push-ups before they gave themselves a break for a few seconds before they started again. Laycon had since moved to chat to birthday girl Vee and Tolanibaj as they tried to identify the different songs that came on the workout playlist. 

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The Wind-down

Towards the end of the workout, the Housemates were far from their usual high energy selves. Usually, towards the end of the workout there is a dance or two to wrap up the session, but today the crew literally just stopped what they were doing and walked back to start on their chores.


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