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Day 30: Neo’s expensive sacrifice for love

18 August 2020
Love is sweet but na money make am sweeter! How much is Neo able to pay to prove his love for Vee? Let’s find out.
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Tomorrow is Vee’s birthday and a few days ago Neo made a special request to Big Brother. He requested for flowers to present to Vee tomorrow. Today, Biggie instructed Kiddwaya to pass a message across to Neo on his request.

Biggie told Kiddwaya to ask Neo if he still wants flowers for Vee. If his answer is yes, then he must agree to trade two items for the flowers. As you may imagine, love isn’t cheap, neither are flowers and nothing is truly free in the Lockdown House. So how much will Neo pay to show his love for bae?

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Since he was instructed to keep it a secret between himself and Neo, Kiddwaya called Neo aside to pass across the message. He was to sacrifice all his BB Naira for the week and any of his personal belongings. We found it cute that immediately Neo was told what to do to get his request for bae granted, he didn’t waste a second as he went through his drawers and scouted for a shirt to sacrifice.

Kiddwaya went to deliver the first sacrifice to Biggie and then came back to tell Neo his second item to forgo – all his BB Naira for the week. As hard as that sounded, lover boy Neo didn’t hesitate to agree to Biggie’s terms and conditions. It seems Davido is right sha, when money enters, love is sweeter but, in this case, when BB Naira enters, love is the sweetest in the Lockdown House. We go love o!

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It seems Biggie’s rule to make this Task a secret, will not end up being so much of a secret because the moment Neo gave all the required items to Kiddwaya, he ran off to the Garden to reveal it to Ozo, Praise and Prince. Will Neo’s inability to keep his mouth on this Task keep him from getting his wishes from Biggie granted?

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