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Day 30: Creating a rendition

18 August 2020
The Housemates have a rendition to make and they have to put in their very best.
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Making a remix or delivering a rendition of a song is a lot harder than it seems and the Housemates found out today. But it was only for a moment before they got into the rhythm of things and started belting out amazing renditions of the Airtel Nigeria song they were supposed to recreate. Not only did they overcome the initial bump of making up a fancy tune, but they also made it fun as they sang and beatboxed in preparation for their Task.

Coming up with a tune

The Lockdown Geng each had the option of choosing Reggae, R&B, Apala or Fuji as a matching tune for their renditions. Since they had no musical instrument, a lot of it rested on their ability to improvise and improvise they did. From beating their chests to banging on household objects, the Housemates were able to make tunes to go along with their songs.

The vibe is alive

Once each team got the melody sorted, it was smooth sailing as they vibed to their tune with catchy and funny lyrics. On and on they sang while interjecting with new lyrics and flows that could give them an edge over their other teammates. Since the Task called for originality, creativity, teamwork and brand integration, a lot of attention was paid to details especially the lyrics to make sure they ticked off every item on the criteria list.

Don’t copy us

The struggle to keep original ideas was real as each team kept it hush during practice. Dorathy’s crew had to keep the rest of the Housemates from using the restroom for a while just to make sure their ideas weren’t jacked by the other teams. Laycon’s team kept it hush and even went to do their choreography rehearsals in a secluded section. Praise and Kiddwaya’s team took refuge in the bedrooms as they practised.

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We can’t wait to see the Housemates when they deliver their presentation for the Task. Will it be as epic as we expect it to be or will all this practice be in vain?

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