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Day 29: Five ways the Housemates surprised us today

17 August 2020
The Big Brother Housemates always find a way to make any day a special one.
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The Big Brother Housemates always find ways to turn simple moments into magical ones. Here’s a look at the ones that made today a special day in the House.

Beautiful dreamer
If you had to name two things that usually don’t go together, makeup and sleeping would have to be on the list. Lucy proved today that they can work out wonderfully if you know what you are doing. She decided to get dolled up and immediately followed this with a nap. To keep her face off of the pillow, she maintained a very specific sleep position the whole time and instantly made an unforgettable moment.

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Synchronized sleeping
It’s not often that the Housemates all engage in the same activity at the exact same time, but today that was the case. It's hard to say if it was group lethargic or if it was just a strange coincidence, but today the majority of the House caught some extra pillow time, at the same time.

Prince chills
When you earn a prestigious title like Mr Nigeria, you know the importance of maintaining you personal fitness standards. This is the case with Prince as he always makes the most of the morning workout time. Today was a rare easy day for him as he barely got going in terms of earning his sweat.

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Couples show care
The Housemates relationships have been fun to watch as they unfold. See how they express their feelings is always interesting and today those who are lucky enough to be shipping  showed us how they keep the home fires burning. 

Is it the truth?
So far Brighto has shown that he is very observant of the finer points of the Housemate’s stories. Today he mentioned one that caught us all off guard and possibly explains why the Voting has turned out the way it has. If you don’t know the scandalous accusations he made about Neo, then please don’t drop your phone as you watch this video.

Not a day goes by without more jaw-dropping moments in the Big Brother House, and if you want to catch them, all you need to do is tune in. 

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