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Day 28: The calm after the groove

16 August 2020
With every Saturday Night Party, comes a bit of drama, but not this night.
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The Housemates decided to end the night on a relaxed note devoid of the usual drama that has plagued them quite often recently. It wasn't what the streets expected and they had to make it known.

Whipping up a meal

After partying for hours, the Housemates returned to the House to immediately storm the kitchen to whip up meals. All that dancing and grooving must have consumed a lot of energy and it was only fair they replenish all they had lost on the dance floor with some delicacies even though some of you were expecting them up to whip up drama instead.

Ease in the House

Word on the street was that people were expecting a whole lot of drama tonight especially after the last few nights we’ve had in the House. In case you didn’t know it’s been a dose of fierce confrontations and people expected it to be the same after the Saturday Night Party. So, it’s quite understandable that a lot of you were in disbelief that the night was going to end drama free.

Settling differences

If anyone was expecting more drama between Nengi and Kaisha, it wasn’t going to be last night. An excited Nengi was pleased to announce to Ozo that she had settled all her differences with Kaisha and made peace. A typical case of all’s well that ends well. It wasn’t hard to tell that you guys were pleased with this move. 


Nothing gets past your watch, especially when a Housemate is moving in on another.

Not only have you spotted Neo and Kaisha’s sudden closeness, but you guys have also already come up with different conspiracy theories.

Even when Neo gave her what appeared to be a casual foot massage, you lot saw a lot more to it.

Y’all even urged them on.

Three they say is a crowd and you really want Trikytee gone so the Neo and Kaisha agenda could flourish.

We hope for your sake Vee doesn’t see your tweets.

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