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Day 28: Five times Big Brother made us say kai this week

16 August 2020
As another Eviction looms we look back at the action packed week the Big Brother Housemates had.
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Week four in the Big Brother Naija House was packed with more spicy goodness than the Indomie the Housemates are always chewing on. Here are the five bites that left us feeling very satisfied.

New head and neck

Erica celebrated a triumphant win in the Head of House games and chose to have Kiddwaya serve as her Deputy. Their reign has been pleasant, though at times did draw certain criticism from the other Housemates for their handling of certain sensitive situations. All in all, they can look back at their time in charge with glee as they managed to preside over a successful period in the Household.

Wahala happens
Since her reign as Head of House, we have seen that Lucy is a no-nonsense customer who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Her no holds barred style met its match when she got into a disagreement with Nengi. Both ladies heated up our screens so much that you could cook supper on them, but in the end, the bout had to be judged as a draw.

Diary gets dicey
Whenever the Housemates get a chance to talk to Biggie personally, there is no telling what will come up. This week was no different as the chats ranged from missing family members to thoughts about the HoH, which they could never share anywhere else. If the Housemates ever had to repeat the things they said to Biggie, to the faces of the Housemates they said it about, Big Brother would resemble Wrestlemania. 

Nengi vs Kaisha
Kaisha had been building a reputation as a calm, collected, and somewhat distant Housemate up until this blow out with Nengi thrust her into the spotlight. The disagreement with Nengi on Saturday morning about a kettle full of hot water turned into a screaming match so intense it crossed into three rooms and lasted nearly a half of an hour. Neither lady backed down for a moment and the highlight had to be Kaisha taking a break in the middle of the war of words to joyfully dance around. When this unforgettable clash had drawn to a close everyone couldn’t deny that Kaisha’s still waters run very deep.

Posing like a pro
If you had to guess who the camera loves most in the Household, the answers wouldn’t have been anything close to what the Guinness Task delivered. The pick of the pictures had to be Brighto who went from wallflower to shining star in one snap. It seems there are still a whole lot more surprises left for us to enjoy from the group that we thought we knew so well.

As the Housemates prepare for the Live Show tonight, they can happily look back at a week that has given them proof that Big Brother Naija Lockdown is always going to have new surprises to be enjoyed.

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