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Day 27: The battle still rages on

15 August 2020
It may seem as though the calm between Erica and Wathoni isn’t near yet.
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Last night, Erica and Wathoni broke into a heated argument in Biggie’s House over an alleged boy-drama. However, according to Erica, her reason for being upset wasn’t centered around the guy in question, Kiddwaya; however, she feels Wathoni has a problem with her because of the underlying triangle that exists between them.

If you missed it, watch it here

Today, they each continued with the rage as they discussed their different points of view to the rest of the Housemates.

First, Wathoni was found in the room talking to Nengi and Tolanibaj about last night’s drama. She made mention of the fact that whenever she talks to Kiddwaya, he doesn’t hesitate to spell it out that he is a free man, he’s nobody’s man. “Last night, she said she was done with Kiddwaya but the next thing she was already kissing man,” Wathoni pointed out. She also said she has had a conversation with Erica before and she told her that she didn’t like Kiddwaya, so seeing her kiss him and fight with her because of this same man really surprises her. “If I do stuff with a guy and he tells Ebuka that we’re just friends, no feelings, then I’ll just leave,” Wathoni said. She goes on to say she’s not taking Erica’s man but she’s quite upset that her son was brought into the fight.

You guys had a lot to say about this drama

Later in the afternoon, Erica and Tolanibaj were talking about this issue and just like Wathoni, Erica still seemed upset about what went down last night.

Erica expressed her hurt saying that she doesn’t understand why Wathoni keeps calling Kiddwaya whenever they have a problem, especially because she thinks that Kiddwaya is not the cause of the tension between them. However, she now thinks that Wathoni wants Kiddwaya and looks for every reason to spite her. “I told her that I already have Kidd, and I don’t have to fight with anybody because of him, and if I’m tired of him I can tell him that he can go,” Erica told Tolanibaj. She added that if Kidd "decides to leave me and go for her [Wathoni] then he doesn’t have great taste and I can’t be with someone who tasteless.”

According to Erica, telling Wathoni to act her age last night was said only because Wathoni brought it up first. She goes on to explain how she didn’t even remember that she has a son until Wathoni kept referring to the fact that she’s focusing on winning the grand prize and that she has a son to be worried about instead of chasing men.

Unfortunately, the tea they were serving was being cut short by Biggie as he fined Tolanibaj for microphone infringement.

We got some of your reactions

We still don’t know how things got this heated; this drama from Erica wanting to know why Wathoni seems to have issues with her, to insults flying all over the place. We’re anticipating a reconciliation tonight at the Saturday Night Party when the mood is a bit lighter and the Housemates start grooving so hard. Well, fingers crossed.

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