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Day 26: A bad day and a good night

14 August 2020
The Big Brother Housemates didn't let a Wager Challenge gone wrong dampen their spirits.
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The Big Brother Housemates had a very eventful day yesterday, and even though their efforts didn't yield the desired results, they still seemed to have enjoyed themselves immensely.

In the afternoon Biggie sat the Housemate's down individually for another round of Diary Room chats and the results left us all in awe. It seems that there might be a fortune teller in the House as Vee shared during her Diary Room Session that she was worried about the outcome of their Wager Challange later in the evening. Her pessimism was on point and the Housemates winning streak came to an abrupt end.

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During Prince's Diary Room session he was so moved that he wept while discussing his longing for his family members. It was a rare moment of lost composure from the usually stoic Housemate and showed that seven weeks away from your family isn't a cakewalk.

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Social media seemed to have had enough of a certain recurring theme during the Diary Sessions and poked fun that the Housemate concerned.

After failing to register a win in the Arena, the Housemates didn't allow this to dampen their spirits and enjoyed a few more rounds Charades before settling in for the evening. They all enjoyed playing the game without the pressure of a possible Task win or loss attached to it. 

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There was nothing that could be done to dampen the sprits of Brighto and Tolanibaj as they shook the blues off by dancing while cooking. You would never guess by their happiness what had taken place earlier.

Kiddwaya also didn't let the loss get to him and shared a moment Kaisha that had us all in stiches.

It seems as if these Lockdown Housemates are not letting the little things get to them and making the most out of how every situation turns out. Win or lose, they are always a joy to watch.


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