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Day 24: Lucy and Erica fight and make up

12 August 2020
Lucy and Erica get into an argument but make up later.
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Last night was a great night for the Housemates, mostly. After their Tasks were done and they got ready for the evening, catching up with each other and playing games, as well as making small talk. Two clashes that startled the Housemates, however: One was between Vee and Dorathy, while the other was between Lucy and Erica.

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Where it all began

The latter started with a comment where Lucy said to Kiddwaya that Erica is the head and Kiddwaya is the neck 'and if you say the head doesn't turn, it doesn't turn'. Erica took the opportunity to ask Lucy what she meant by that statement and this is where the disagreement began. When Lucy tried to get Kiddwaya involved, Erica quickly told Kiddwaya 'I called her, I didn't talk to you guys' and continued to ask Lucy again, what she meant by that statement, to which Lucy responded she didn't mean anything. 

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I don't believe you

This was enough to trigger Erica who moved away from Lucy telling her 'It better remain that way because you've had enough issues with me'.

Lucy responded, 'We've never had issues before.' Erica replied, 'Well you had issues with me today and you better thank God that I'm not in the mood to reply you' at the same time Lucy told her, 'You don't know what issues are because if you call today's one's issues, then I don't know.'

Erica retorted that Lucy has issues with every single person in the House, adding that Lucy had better check the way she talks because she should not continue talking to Erica anyhow. Erica continued, asking if this was the first time and if Lucy was acting this way because Erica herself had been keeping quiet. 

Lucy continued to try and ask Kiddwaya to intervene, to which Kiddwaya responded he would talk to her. This continued to anger Erica, who kept asking why Lucy needed Kiddwaya to speak for her, saying that Lucy should speak for herself. 

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Lucy's reaction

Lucy took the opportunity to talk to Praise outside on the hammock, telling him that when she feels misunderstood, she will give people space and she believed that the relationship would be fine. She also mentioned that she felt peoples consciences made them feel somehow.  

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Erica has had the best week

While Kiddwaya was consoling Erica in the HOH room, he told Erica that they were having one of the best weeks so far because Erica is the Head of House and he is her deputy.  Her told Erica that she shouldn't let a quarrel with Lucy get in the way of that. He further said that the quarrel might be part of Lucy's plan to get into a shouting contest so it could look somehow. He reminded Erica that she is a winner and that she should take the opportunity of having her own space to come and relax in the HoH room. 

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We fight, but we make up

The point of reckoning came towards the end of the evening when Erica extended an olive branch to Lucy, coming and hugging her from behind as they were preparing for the Thursday Task. Lucy quickly took the opportunity to tell Erica that she was joking and she did not mean it seriously, to which Erica responded: "I am sorry, I was angry."

It seems all is well again, after all. 

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