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Day 23: Breakfast buddies

11 August 2020
Nothing beats team effort when it comes to undertaking tasks and the same principle applies to cooking breakfast in the House.
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Not only do the Housemates turn to 5 Star restaurant chefs when it’s time to making breakfasts, but they have also made it a habit to do it in groups or pairs. The Housemates were seen gathered in the kitchen after their morning workout session and cleanup duty cooking up a storm. Each group or pair next to each other beaming with smiles as they cooked and waited for their meals to be ready.  

The mushy pair

Ozo and Nengi painted an adorable picture as they paired up to make breakfast this morning. Each offering a hand as they made their breakfast of fried plantain and eggs. They may not have fully defined what they both have going, but they sure make interesting breakfast buddies.

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The crew that cooks together

It’s always a thrill when friends come together to turn up at the stove and that’s what Brighto, Wathoni and Trikytee did as they made their breakfast with occasional jibes at each other making it look like a scene from a fun cooking show.

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We have beef

No, beef wasn’t what Lucy had for breakfast but a bone of contention with her breakfast buddy. Lucy who is fast bonding with Praise was a bit hurt that he went ahead to make his breakfast without making for her and she made him know. “I woke up to cut plantain for me, you and Dora only to find out you had made food for yourself alone, “ she said, letting Praise know how she had full intent to make his breakfast but was rather shocked to find out he had gone ahead to make his. Praise explained it wasn’t that way and said his breakfast was courtesy Wathoni who helped him with frying his plantains.

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First, we thought it was games night, but apparently, nothing bonds the Housemate better than time spent making food. There's a sense of harmony and positive vibes. Food really does gladden the heart. 

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