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Day 21: New hair who dis?

09 August 2020
We are used to the Housemates getting their hair did weekly now, let's take a look at the hair salon as it stands today.
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It's Sunday! We all know what that means. Yes Evictions, but we are also talking about hair day! People the world over, view Sunday as self-love and self-care day, why should it be any different in the House? Week after week we have been wowed by the Housemates as they help each other make pretty every Sunday for one last pamper session before the evening. Thanks to Darling, the Housemates have a decked-out hair salon that caters to their every need from braids to extensions, to clippers and product, what more can they need?

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Prince's magic fingers

Darling Task aside, we have seen Prince run his fingers through many of the Housemate's hair in the House every week. It seems when anyone needs a touch-up, they look for Prince who will gladly assist. Today though, we have seen him work magic with Dorathy, Kaisha, Lucy, Wathoni to name a few. The ladies walked out of the salon transformed and looking brighter, ready for the day ahead. No doubt they will be bringing the heat tonight when they all gather for evictions.

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Lucy is getting involved

Since Lucy started showing us more of herself, we have heard her voice more and more, over the last two days. Today we saw her in the hair salon, helping many of the Housemates to get their hair game up. As Prince's assistant, she helped to plant braids and hair pieces and added beads to fellow housemates hair. It looks like Lucy is finally enjoying herself and allowing the Housemates to experience her character with few reservations. 

Braid game strong

The ladies always bring the braid game, whether crochet, hand braid or wig, cornrows or wigs, we have seen some beautiful hair do's this season. We cannot have a talk without making mention of the braids. Dorathy, for instance, killed it with an extended length microbraid, blonde weave earning the envy of most of the Housemates today.

1596981710 34 screenshot 2020 08 09 at 13.07.33

Blonde is the colour of the day

The ladies seem to be leaning towards blonde for their week. Lucy chose crochet blond braids accessorised with gold beads for the occasion, staying true to the signature blond colour we have become accustomed to. Wathoni opted to rock a caramel blonde, voluminous hairpiece today that Neo, . The ladies love their new hair, and so do we. 

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The gents stay looking fresh

Though the ladies go through the most transformation, that is not to say the gents don't do the most to stay looking fresh. The salon is an opportunity for the guys to get a clean shave, a clean-cut or give their well-maintained beards some TLC. 

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We can't wait to see what the final looks are tonight. Are you ready for Sunday night?

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