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Day 21: Five ways to survive the Big Brother season five House

09 August 2020
The highs and lows of the Big Brother House have led us to wonder what the winning formula could be to survive in Biggies House.
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Who remembers day one of the Big Brother season five House? 20 young hopefuls coming into the House to make a name for themselves and to make new friends. It was pure excitement and unity as people came in and greeted each other, and immediately got to know each other. 

It is day 21 now and as we have been watching we have come up with some ways that the Housemates have shown one can survive this House. 

1. Win Sponsored Tasks

It is no secret, when you win Tasks you are in a league of your own. Remember when Praise won the very first Arena Games and became the first to benefit from being pampered in the House? Apart from winning the Tasks, you have to be a good teammate when you need to perform. Though this did not save Praise from being part of the bottom four, it was part of the reason he was in good standing with his Housemates, many of whom voted for him to stay. In comparison to the first Wager, this was a massive win for the Housemates because Praise re-instilled hope. To bring the memories closer to home, do you remember how the team celebrated when Cornish Dawn won their wager? Or when the whole House won the Patricia Challenge this week? Everyone is happier when wages are won!

2. Be an endearing Head of House

We have heard all week about how Ozo is a natural-born leader, how he and Dorathy have made great strides in the House and have kept all the drama down. Even when Ozo raised his voice against fellow Housemate Prince, he quickly apologized, keeping the peace with the rest of the House. During Diary sessions this week every single Housemate spoke highly of Ozo and his leadership abilities. His clear record has earned him the respect of the Housemates especially regarding his worth in the House. Dorathy was praised by all Housemates as being the best support that Ozo could have in the House. Dorathy has remained grounded and in some cases, according the Housemates, made difficult decisions that Ozo could not make in the moment. Needless to say, this has been a great partnership and therefore another way we think you survive the House. 

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3. Party hard

Let's talk about the parties. Our housemates love to get dressed up, look good and have a good party to blow off some steam. Though we can sometimes see tension before and after the parties, we know that during the night, and just for one, the Housemates move their bodies and get into the moment, fully. 

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4. Manage your sleep

Last week we saw Brighto sleep through the morning workout and earn himself a fine. But besides the actual sleeping in, we saw the girls fight for a few days about a bed, which shows that sleep is a very important part of the House and its workings. Therefore, our fourth insight is not to oversleep that you miss the action, ut also watch where you sleep so you do not become part of the action. Abi?

5. Manage your food

This might be the most important one that we saw fights erupt and the Housemates calling each other to order over the stove or the dinner table. A lot has been said in the House about food, firstly, when there is little variety of food, the Housemates are not happy. In the Diary sessions this week, Housemates expressed their happiness that they will now have money to buy the food they have been wanting to buy. for the last two weeks. Money equals food, equals happiness. One of the other insights from watching Diary Sessions again is that some of the Housemates miss Ka3na because she cooked.

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