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Day 21: Another day another Diary

09 August 2020
Tonight will mark yet another change in the Big Brother House, but the Housemates remind us of their aspirations for tomorrow.
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As always, we can count on Biggie to ask some questions that let us not only know what is happening in the House but to get to know the Housemates better. Of course, we will tell you how people were feeling, but today Biggies asked a question that got us some insights: What will you do when you leave the House?

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But first, how are people feeling?

Biggie asked everyone how they felt about tonight's Evictions. everyone was quite nervous, except for a confident Kiddwaya who said he was both calm and excited about the Evictions tonight. Most notably, he said that if he stayed, he was looking forward to after the Eviction session if he is lucky enough to stay. Praise was once again tensed and expressed that his goal coming in was to make friends and have a good time, and he has certainly now made bonds with everyone in the House so far and was happy about that. Trikytee was anxious because he has not achieved everything he wanted to achieve during his stay in the House. He said he wants to Win or at least get to the top 5. 

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Who will be going into film and television after Big Brother?

Speaking of Trikytee, we all know the Housemate is passionate bout filmmaking. He opened up to Big Brother that when his time comes to leave, he would definitely pursue his field career as the mad behind the camera. He mentioned that he would want to make movies and television series but also that he wants to focus on putting gout more of his music which is an eclectic mix of Afrobeats, soul and RnB.

Erica would definitely want to pursue her acting career and said that once she leaves the House- kicking and screaming- she would start reaching out to producers that she knows. The young actress wants to be big in Nigeria and act in South Africa and England too. 

Based on the performances for this week's Task, we believe that Housemates who want to pursue a career in acting, we'll definitely make it. 

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Who are the business Housemates?

Though Nengi doesn't like Sundays because of the anxiety associated with it, she was able to answer Biggie's question and say she would focus on making her business a success. Similarly, Prince wants to make his business boom, but he went into a little more detail. The Housemate told us that as soon as his time comes, he will be launching a clothing line in addition to pursuing an acting career. Prince reiterated that he wanted to put his talent and potential to good use. Eric was not as nervous today. He told biggie that he has a few business interests but also wants to put some time and energy into his foundation, so that he can make some change in communities. 

Kaisha would definitely go back to her online skincare business. Wathoni plans to keep her business online but also to open up a physical store where she will sell fashion accessories. Tolanibaj told Biggie this evening that she would go back to work on her agency and get herself some office space as she is still working from home. After that, she plans to go into food production and explore packaging snacks and then explore real estate further into the future. 

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Who will be making us dance?

As we all know, Laycon has been talking about his music since he came into the House. The artist told Biggie that he was not yet ready to leave the House because he did not feel like he had garnered enough traction and fans for his project so far. He also said he wants to focus on himself and his music while in the House. If he were voted out tonight though, his music would be his main agenda. The second person to talk about music was our songbird Vee who would also definitely seriously pursue a career in singing.

The Housemates have already given a taste of their voices so far in the House, which is great practice for when they eventually come out.

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Who is taking a holiday?

Kiddwaya said the first thing he would do is take a break and go to England to see his mom. Thereafter, he would find his away back to doing what he loves, which is helping people and plugging them with solutions that will help them, and then, of course, he is going back to the gym.

Neo also said he would be taking some time to himself while he figures out his next move. He told Biggie that thereafter, he wanted to open himself up to make himself a better person. 

It seems centering is also very important for those coming out of the House. 

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What of those with responsibilities?

Lucy opened up to Biggie about what she has going on in her mind. Though she has spoken about needing to get a house a few times today, she also told us that she would want to get her mom a car and build a house in her village. She also told Biggie that she would also like to relocate to Canada at some point. 

Have we achieved what we wanted to achieve in the House? 

Brighto and Tochi in their separate interviews both told Biggie that they had not yet achieved what they wanted to achieve in the House. Brighto mentioned that though he learns new things every day, he has not been here long enough. Tochi said he would have to get back to reality as best he could to get himself back on track. 

Though tonight will be difficult, we definitely still have more action over the next few weeks together, and more getting to know each other to do. 

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