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Day 20: Reminiscing about home

08 August 2020
The Lockdown Geng reminisce about home and those they miss the most.
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After a long night, the Housemates are up and about and trying to get a few things in place and in the process, their minds wander off to those they really miss the most.

Thinking about home

The Housemates spent the early part of the morning reminiscing about home and people they miss the most. Laycon misses his mum and shares stories about how she wanted him to have a child at an early age to the other Housemates amusement. Praise talked about his kid and how much he missed him. He talked about life raising a kid and how he is so into every aspect of his child’s life. What he listens to, what he does and every other thing that concerns him. He even went to get the kids picture as he remembered he hadn’t looked at it in a week.

Growing fondness

Lucy and Praise have started getting along better than they initially did. Remember one of the first major fights in the House was between both of them. Things seem to have changed now that Lucy’s closest friend Ka3na has been Evicted. They spent the morning swapping stories and even cooked together. Praise also noticed their growing fondness when he mentioned it to Biggie during his Diary session

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Massages that hit the spot

Neo and Vee’s ship keeps waxing stronger and this morning was no different. Treating her to a therapeutic massage first thing in the morning, Neo proved why Vee probably made the right choice of choosing to sail with him. All appears to be rosy with them amidst the turbulent waters of relationships in the Big Brother Naija House.

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It’s a lazy Saturday morning in the House. Apart from a mild rebuke from Dorathy to Kiddwaya for failing to do his required cleaning duty, life seems pretty smooth. The thought of Eviction notwithstanding. Let’s hope they keep it that way.

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