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Day 18: Food worth fighting for

06 August 2020
Even if it's free, food can cause fights in Biggie's House.
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It doesn't matter if it's cereal, soup, or noodles, food has the power to bind people together, and in Biggie's House, it also has the power to pull them apart. The first major wahala int in the Big Brother House was caused by Ka3na and her need to control who eats the food that she had made. Even though the food was not hers alone, the fact that she felt the need to control this resource led to a few of the tensest days we have seen to date.

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Food also serves as an indication of relationship status. In the days when Eric and Lilo were still shipping, there was not a meal that they didn't enjoy together. More recently when Erica had relegated Kiddwaya to the friendzone, it was their companionship during meal times that showed that the pair weren't done for. When Kiddwaya began to spoon-feed Erica it became clear that their bond was far from done, and each bite was another moment in their magical story of love.

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Food can also be a way that Housemates try to draw closer to one another. Since her wildly unsuccessful run as Head of House Lucy has been seen cooking more. This can be seen as an attempt to get people to draw closer to her as her personality doesn't make it easy. Let's hope that her food is delicious or all that effort cooking, could be rather used to stay awake during task planning sessions.

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If the way to a Housemates' heart was through their stomach then the kitchen would be the best place to campaign for your safety. Since it isn't, it's a joy to watch what else food can flavour relationship-wise in Big Brother Naija.

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