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Day 16: Word around the House is...

04 August 2020
While others prepare for presentations, some are catching up and getting to know each other better.
Word around the House is...

While today was action-filled with the Flutterway Task taking place through the day, a few Housemates were still able to gather their thoughts and have conversations other than the Task at hand.

While they were meant to be practising, Trikytee, Laycon, Wathoni and Kaisha were outside lamenting the vibe in the House, at some point feeling left out of the activities of the other Housemates- considering they are not bundled up in any 'ships or drama. This relaxation vibe is probably what led to their not winning the Task today, but it at least led to good bonding moments. 

After the Tasks, Trikytee was quite the busy body, going to sit and chat with Nengi for a while as they waited to hear who won the Task. Though neither of them was in a qualifying Team, they had a great chat. Nengi told Trikytee that she thinks Ozo is avoiding her and therefore acting like a child, she doesn't understand why he would need to do that. We don't know, but we think you have a few choice words for Ozo and Nengi, particularly after the cake ceremony for Ozo's birthday

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Moving on. Trikytee moved to chat to Kaisha who it seems very few people in the House understand, while Nengi moved on to talk to would-be-bae, Prince. Nengi told Prince that she has ambition and she wants to go into agriculture. They continued talking for a while about the pros and cons of doing business in Nigeria. Let's see what you think about Nengi and Prince right now. 

While this was going on, as we said Trikytee was outside getting to know Kaisha a little better. We were privy to an interesting conversation about love and everything like it. Kaisha tells us, well, Trikytee, that she is in love with someone out of her reach, and describes love as pain. Makes us wonder what happened to Kaisha in the past?

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