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Day 15: Whose House is this?

03 August 2020
Ozo became the first male Head of House and everyone has an opinion on what it means for Biggie's House.
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Major changes come with major reactions. The Big Brother Naija House has just gone through such a change and we take a look at how you, the viewers, feel. There seems to be a consensus that removing Lucy will bring a feeling of peace which has been missing during her reign.

Ozo's  Head of House win polarised the social media community as his ongoing struggle to choose a focal point has left him in a perpetual love triangle with Dorathy and Nengi. Ozo has repeatedly stated how he sees Dorathy as a sister and has more romantic intentions for Nengi. As much as he may say it, actions like choosing Dorathy as his Deputy Head of House speak volumes. Viewers believe that no matter what Ozo may say his actions keep betraying him.

As for his approach to the situation, Ozo who is usually a perfect gentleman may have played this a little dirty. This time around he did not adopt his usual level headed peacemaker persona, but instead, he looked to cause trouble. When you are holding one woman's hand and leading her, and then choose another woman moments later, that action screams of savagery of the highest regard.

Viewers also made light of Ozo's constant need to consult before making a decision. It's almost as if the only way he can decide anything is by committee.

One very apparent thing is that viewers couldn't take their eyes away from Nengi when the announcement of the Deputy Head of House was made by Big Brother. Her pain was the source of much mean spirited laughter.

There are still a whole lot more chapters waiting to play out in the Nengi, Ozo, and Dorathy triangle and the only thing we can hope for is more nights like tonight where we get to enjoy their drama thanks to Big Brother Naija Lockdown.

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