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Day 15: Rolling in the zones

03 August 2020
The House lost two Lockdown Housemates in one night and things took a slightly different turn.
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The first Eviction Show hit the Housemates in different ways and we got different emotions and reactions in the air. From renewed friend zones to a reality check from the Housemates, we’re definitely going to have new dynamics in the game.

New reality

After Ebuka talked about the Housemates’ attitude towards the Challenges and Tasks in the House, the Lockdown geng got hit by the statement “Put the same energy you put into your parties into the Games”.

They sat discussing their plans going forward and how important Biggie’s Tasks are in the game. Should we expect them to turn a new leaf? Well, we’ll see in the next Head of House Challenge.

What are you expecting in the new week?

What’s the mourning period after your House bae leaves?

Eric and Praise lost their resident partners and while we saw them mourn their exit for a split second, this show quickly ended and the two of them got their heads back in the game. After all, it is what it is...

Like Esau with his bowl of porridge, Eric moved on from his bae’s Eviction with a pot of noodles that he shared with his guys; while Praise dried his tears quickly and talked about his concerns about being on the bottom-four list.

You had a lot to say about this.

More than just friends?
Laycon and Erica had a heart to heart conversation where he reaffirmed how he felt about her. “I am fond of you and talking to you is the highlight of my day,” he said opening up. The conversation came up when they talked about winning the coming Head of House Challenge.

Laycon asked Erica whom she’d share the room with and after beating around for a bit, she admitted she’d pick him but was worried about how awkward it would get especially now that she knows he has a thing for her. She owned up that she never thought she’d be having a relationship in the House, not to talk of being torn between two men. Men she admired for different reasons.

When it came to Laycon, she liked his mind, the way he talked and how he was always able to ease her mind. When it came to Kiddwaya, it was purely physical. Erica may not respond to Laycon’s affection the way he wants but he isn’t bothered, his quest was to just let her know how he felt.

On the sidelines, you lot encouraged Erica that the right choice is Laycon.

Speaking of zones, what zone do you think Nengi has put Prince in?

Prince saw Nengi and Ozo in the bathroom and questioned her about it, to which she replied saying she doesn’t owe him any explanations. This awkward situation birthed an even awkward conversation between the two tonight.

It may seem as though Prince has caught more feelings than he can handle and so felt concerned seeing Nengi with Ozo. For this reason, he took her to the Garden to address the situation and probably get a defined understanding of where they stand. Nengi addressed his questions by saying, “I don’t want to pass the wrong message across. By the way, I don’t owe you my loyalty because you don’t give me yours either.” Evidently, these two seem to have a problem when either of them talks or gets close to someone of the opposite sex in the House… or could it just be a one-sided entanglement?

While Nengi was telling him that she never gets any loyalty from Prince in the House because of how close he is with certain Housemates, Prince defended himself by telling her that he was willing to stop relating with the ladies in the House. This prompted Nengi to put him in check by reiterating the fact that they are nothing, but friends and she didn’t want him to think or act otherwise. “I like you…but as a friend,” Nengi kept saying.

Do you think Prince will back down and maybe finally give Wathoni or Tolanibaj a chance? Or perhaps, a session with the resident counsellor will help?

Now that the Season has gotten hotter, how will this new reality change things in the Lockdown House?

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