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Day 10: Diaries about disasters

29 July 2020
The Diary Room Session had the Housemates dishing out the drama.
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After the wahala yesterday and all the tears and apologies that followed it, there was no doubt that the next Diary Room Session would be lit. We all know that when doors are closed and people feel safe, they say things they never could in public. Today's Diary Room Session on Big Brother Naija proved that fact again. Here's a quick round-up of who said what.


After being at the centre of all the drama, Biggie made an inspired choice getting Ka3na in the Diary Room first. Once she was on the chair chatting she couldn't help but mention the biggest argument we have seen in the house so far. Ka3na said that she felt better after the Yoga and tears session and believes that Lucy, and she were a lot alike. The Boss Lady told Biggie that she needs to not let her feelings out, and hoped to learn tolerance because she and her fellow Housemates will never be the same. 

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The honesty of this  Housemate is a beautiful thing to watch in action. When Biggie had his one on one with Ozo,  he was straight to the point about his feeling saying, "Today was better than yesterday." He didn't mince his words about Ka3na's rude comments to Dorathy, saying she didn't deserve to be treated in that manner. The only time the level-headed Ozo seemed flustered was when the discussion turned to the subject of Nengi. Ozo let it be known that if he had to choose between finding love and winning Big Brother, he would be a lonely winner.

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This was the most unapologetic Diary Room Session of the evening. When quizzed about the battle of the bosses with Ka3na, Tolanibaj let it be known that she can't be intimidated and if you want to earn her respect, you have to give her respect. She also mentioned that after praying and putting on her makeup, her soul was in a much better place.

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After being very vocal during the fight, it was no surprise that Praise had a lot to say to Biggie in private. During his Diary Room Session Praise said the whole fight started because of differences on how Ka3na does things and now he is getting used to her and understanding why she does what she does. He closed off his conversation with Biggie by telling him that winning or losing was in his hands and all he could do is take Big Brother one day at a time.

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When it came time for Wathoni to share her feelings on the new Head of House, she had a lot to tell Biggie. During her Diary Room Session Wathoni shared that she didn't have any issues with Lucy besides finding her to be strict. She let Biggie in on her need to learn to coexist with her other Housemates and learn the art of ignoring certain people.

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The usually reserved Tochi shared with Biggie that he was feeling uneasy because the energy in the House was shifting from positivity to negativity. He also mentioned that he feels Ka3na, Lucy, and Kaisha, "Just want to attack and don't want to hear your side of the story." In his closing statement, Tochi mentioned how now that Lucy is Head of House she has a tendency of sharing ideas before she thinks them through. 

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Ther truths shared during this Diary Room Session made it the best one so far. No telling if it will take more fights or more honesty to make the Housemates open up about all the other feelings they choose to keep bottled up inside.

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