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Are you Team #Beardgang or Team #Cleanshaven?

03 August 2020
We have a mix of men in the House and we can't help but wonder, are you Team #Beardgang of Team #Cleanshaven?
#Beardgang vs #CleanShaven

So it’s week three in Biggie’s House now and we think it is safe to finally broach the subject: Are you team #Beardgang or team #CleanShaven?

In case you need some direction, all the guys in the House are team beard gang. Well sort of. But it is clear that not all beards are created equal. As we can see there is a brotherhood of superior facial hair and then the rest. Those who really have, and those, who seem to be struggling in the same department. 

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A rise in the beard care culture

We know that many men pride themselves in having a beard that pretty much covers the lower half of their face. Pair that with some shades and you would have to know a person well to know what they actually look like under all that. We have also seen the rise in beard essentials such as oils and balms to help men to flourish, much the same way women do. We could almost say a man is defined by his facial hair, right?

Team full beard

So let’s assess our Housemates for a minute. We are privy to a beard spectrum in this House. On the one end, we have Tochi, Kiddwaya, Prince and Praise. Those who can walk into the room beard-first and turn heads instantly.

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Team whiskers

Centerfield we have Brighto, Ozo, Eric and Trikytee. These brothers have some whiskers, but they are not quite on the level of their afore-mentioned Housemates. We can still recognise them and see their faces, and this is where we realize that no two beards can be the same. Others connect, others don’t, others add to features, others hide features.

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Members of a different lane

On the other end of the spectrum, we have two gentlemen in different lanes. Laycon whose beard doesn't seem to connect and Neo who we believe uses a stencil to shape his chin hairs into the circle beard he spots. 

Women of Man Crush Monday, only you can help us here, are you team #Beardgang or team #CleanShaven?

1596477938 34 screenshot 2020 08 03 15.08.24

Now, ladies! Are those whiskers what give Kiddwaya his undeniable appeal that has all the ladies tripping over themselves for his attention? Is it that stencil beard that makes Vee forget her independent ways and give more of herself to Neo? Is Laycon unlucky in love because his beard doesn’t connect? Is it Prince’s beard that makes it easy for him to talk to the ladies in the House earning him the title of player? Was it the chin hairs that made Lilo cling on to Erics every word? Does Tochi hide behind that flourishing chin mane?

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