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A love catalyst – BBNaija

14 July 2020
Big Brother Naija has been a catalyst for love since its first season and cosy couples have always been talking points for fans.
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We look at some of cutest couples to have come out of the Double Wahala and Pepper Dem seaons. Some have fizzled and others have sizzled long after Big Brother. Let’s take a look at the cosiest couples of them all.

Mercy and Ike

This has to be cosiest ship to have come out of Biggie’s House. Their love story was so captivating it got its own TV series Mercy & Ike. But while the show goes on, their relationship doesn’t seem to. On New Year’s Eve, Mercy took to Snapchat to say she was “single not searching”. We were hoping that it would withstand the rumours their relationship was a sham and the attack it got from one of Ike’s former lovers. Let’s hope season five can produce a happily ever after story.

Here is a young throwback to better days for the couple.


Omashola and KimOprah

At the Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem Reunion, Omashola asked if he could go down on one knee, not to ask KimOprah to marry him, but to reconcile with her. But she refused. Omashola has said that he really wants her, that he would do anything to be with her, but KimOprah is not happy that his words are not matching the effort. She complained that he keeps on sending texts instead of coming to her in person.

Judging from the Pepper Dem Reunion, they seem to be so into each other but they blow hot and cold. Let’s hope they can find that place where their hearts can harmonise. Do you see this ‘ship sailing into the sunset?

Khafi and Gedoni

Khafi and Gedoni have shown their fellow Pepper Dem Housemates that love found in the House can grow outside of it. Then Khafi gave Gedoni the best Christmas gift when he proposed to her. She said yes, of course. Their bond seems so strong it has withstood whispers that they had broken up. But Khafi has slammed those rumours, saying the ring on her finger is staying put.

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Khafi and Gedoni


Now this ship has gone the distance. After BamTeddy tied the knot in a fairy tale wedding in Dubai in 2019, the Big Brother Double Wahala couple welcomed their baby girl Zendaya Folakemi Adenibuyan in March this year. It couldn’t get more perfect than this.

Here’s a reminder of where it all began:

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