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Day 9 : Tears that heal

28 July 2020
Breaking down can lead to building up in Biggie's House
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There's something magically healing about a good cry. It releases pent up aggression and helps relieve tension. Today the Housemates needed to weep, and they gave us a whole lot more tears than we expected!

The reason the Housemates needed a good cry was healing. The discussion earlier in the day had brought a lot of the Housemates nearly to the point of sobbing, but there was a general feeling of unfinished business even after the resolution. This is when we learned that when it comes to giving the Housemates exactly what they need, nobody knows better than Biggie.

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The tears weren't the goal, but rather the result. The goal was to get the Housemates to reflect on all the issues and stresses that have been affecting them, and the method was a Yoga session.

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The beauty of Yoga is that it allows one the time to combine movement and meditation to achieve holistic healing. When the meditation portion of the Yoga came about, the Housemates started to tear up, almost in unison as they reflected on their lives and interactions in the Household.  With each passing tear, it became obvious that this exercise was serving its purpose and doing what the conversation couldn't provide real healing.

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After the Yoga was completed tears could be seen on the faces of Praise, Lucy, Prince, and even stone-faced boss lady Ka3na. The relief was written all over their faces as peace had returned to the Big Brother Household.... but for how long?

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