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Bitter and bloody – Battleground Image : 9808
Hanging by the thread – Battleground Image : 9810
Hanging by the thread – BattlegroundTeni questions Adaora about Emeka's mother, Oye drugs and kicks Tes out and the chairman's line seems to me flashing by swiftly
The Prime enemy – Battleground Image : 9809
The Prime enemy – BattlegroundHadiza forces the board to respect her new position, has Koko locked up in her house and has Adze and Ola joining forces
The war has begun! – Battleground Image : 9813
The war has begun! – BattlegroundOld scores have gone unsettled for far too long and now Chief Kolade Bhadmus’ enemies are going in for the kill
Hadiza goes after her husband! – Battleground Image : 9811
Hadiza goes after her husband! – BattlegroundIn a bid to stop him from leaving her, Hadiza orchestrates Danlami’s removal as CEO of BBP and manipulates the board so he can only get his job back if he reports to her
Dark secrets – Battleground Image : 9812
Dark secrets – BattlegroundBassey approaches The General’s henchmen and promises to reward them handsomely if they help him find Chief. Cissy agonises about telling Ayo a secret she’s kept for many years
Unsolicited help — Battleground Image : 9832
Unsolicited help — BattlegroundHadiza is forced into fulfilling her matrimonial duties and Kolade shoos Emeka's father away with a gun
Explain This! – Battleground Image : 9830
Explain This! – BattlegroundMayowa finds a rather unpleasant surprise curtesy of his parents and the Chairman is served much more than he can swallow
Entangled – Battleground Image : 9822
Entangled – BattlegroundWhile Ola seems locked in romance, Emeka pulls a professional stunt that buys the Chairman another 30 minutes of police-free grace
Covering the lies – Battleground Image : 9815
Covering the lies – BattlegroundTes confesses to being back on drugs in order to bury any chances of Oye finding out about his affair with Teni and Hadiza is 'gun surprised'.
Back and Forth – Battleground Image : 9836
Back and Forth – BattlegroundHadiza slithers back into her vengeful ways and Adoara kisses and makes up with her old love
Broken bonds – Battleground Image : 9828
Broken bonds – BattlegroundMayowa shares his cares with Hadiza, Kolade destroys Adaora's dress and lets her know that their marriage will never end Teni lets it all out.
An eye for an eye – Battleground Image : 9816
An eye for an eye – BattlegroundHadiza parades her 'game' to Fashanu and Kolade has his hand forced and killls Doctor kalu in the process
Ola and Teni join forces – Battleground Image : 9821
Ola and Teni join forces – BattlegroundAfter catching Teni in a compromising situation with Bassey, Ola suggests that they work together so they’re ready to take on The General
Thick as blood – Battleground Image : 9819
Thick as blood – BattlegroundTes questions Teni's intentions with him, Hadiza is served abuse and Kolade spills more blood just to cover his tracks
Predicaments – Battleground Image : 9826
Predicaments – BattlegroundChichi finds herself in hot waters, Ola's moves are deeply scrutinised and Hadiza tries to lead Rekiya into believing that her baby's future is blurry
“We’ll have to bury it!” – Battleground Image : 9823
“We’ll have to bury it!” – BattlegroundEmeka confronts his father about people who died under his watch after being administered tainted vaccines. Dr. Kalu elects to cover up the whole scandal
“You cannot leave me!” – Battleground Image : 9831
“You cannot leave me!” – BattlegroundAdaora finally reveals to Danlami that Mayowa is his son and he’s had the ability to father children this whole time. He proceeds to divorce Hadiza but will she accept?
Time’s up! – Battleground Image : 9820
Time’s up! – BattlegroundTensions in the Bhadmus compound reach fever pitch as The General’s deadline draws near. Teni tries to beg Mayowa to arrange some of the money but it might be too late
The assassination attempt – Battleground Image : 9825
The assassination attempt – BattlegroundAfter the Bhadmus compound is infiltrated and Kolade gets shot the hunt begins to find him, dead or alive. As they gather evidence, it starts to look like Nwosu’s men are behind everything.
Adaora flogs Onajite! – Battleground Image : 9814
Adaora flogs Onajite! – BattlegroundAfter finding out that Kholade cheated on her with “the help” Adaora went on a rampage and assaulted everyone in her sight
Throwing Danlami under the bus! – Battlegroun Image : 9835
Throwing Danlami under the bus! – BattlegrounHadiza feigns confusion when she gets interviewed by the auditors but she still manages to make it seem like Danlami masterminded BBP's money laundering
Kolade gets possessive – Battleground Image : 9834
Kolade gets possessive – BattlegroundConvinced that Ona is carrying his child, Kolade threatens to fire both her and Nwosu if they decide to marry.
DNA test drama! – Battleground Image : 9818
DNA test drama! – BattlegroundKnowing she’s guilty, Sophie evades the officer who's trying to collect her DNA for the kidnapping investigation. Meanwhile, Mayowa starts getting suspicious about his mother’s reluctance to let him go through with the paternity test
Bitter and bloody – Battleground