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Zambezi Magic characters’ New Year resolutions ?

30 December 2021
It’s time to make New Year’s resolutions and we can only imagine what our faves’ resolutions would be.
New years resolutions

We have seen the Zambezi Magic characters going through different twists and turns in life this year. We wonder what their plans and resolutions for the new year would be. ?

Some of the characters have displayed bravery and courage in situations they found themselves in. We can only wish and hope to see more as their stories unfold in 2022.

We have created twenty-two New Year’s resolutions for twenty-two of our Zambezi Magic characters. Here they are:

  1. Zuba: To be Niko’s one and only loving wife.
  2. Lute: To continue trying to win Mainza’s love and full attention.
  3. Suwi: To be kinder to people, especially her sister Zuba.
  4. Alibaba: To take over Tizadyanabo.
  5. Shupiwe: To buy a better car.
  6. Nguzu: To marry another beautiful wife.
  7. Hambe: To figure out his life and his entanglement with Chola and Chibale.
  8. Lizzy: To have more decent tenants and for Malume Mokolo to go back to the village.
  9. Zelipah: To find a handsome hunk to marry her.
  10. Anna: To find a way out of the danger around her.
  11. Knox: To get Tamara out of polygamy and marry her.
  12. Rex: To return to Bana Mumbi and have a happy marriage.
  13. Belinda: To have her “baby” Rex back in her home.
  14. Monde: To win back Nguzu’s love and affection.
  15. Njenje: To run a successful maid centre business.
  16. Logic: To continue protecting the Nguzus’ plantation by all means.
  17. Laban: To own the majority share of the house.
  18. Chola: To become Hambe’s wife.
  19. Malingose: To make sure she teaches traditional values to all the young brides.
  20. Phiri: To have a full year’s supply of beer.
  21. Niko: To protect Zuba with all his might.
  22. Tamara: To go back to university for more freedom.

There you have it. Some New Year’s resolutions for characters we love to follow. Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? We would like to hear about them. Let us know in the comment section on the Zambezi Magic official Facebook page.

Make sure you catch all your favourite Zambian entertainment as we cross over into 2022, right here on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.