The most unforgettable fights of the year – #BestOf21

18 December 2021
Here are the fights that have kept us talking in 2021.
Best of 2021 unforgettable fights

The year has quickly zoomed by thanks to the entertainment we watch every day on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.

The home of authentic Zambian drama, telenovelas and comedy has been serving us all dishes full of tears, joy and some fist-throwing Floyd Mayweather would be proud of.

Among these, we have witnessed some funny and outrageous fights between characters which we will never forget. Let’s remind you of some of these karate-kick moments.

Here is our list of the #BestOf21 unforgettable fights:

  • Crazy fights

If you put Alibaba in any situation, there’s no doubt that there will be one person (or even a mob of people) trying to give him a beat down. He always has squabbles with his boss for not doing his job right. Other times, it’s a disagreement with his father-in-law or acquaintances because of money.

  • One-sided fights

After Rex moved in with Belinda, his true nightmare began. Belinda was not in any mood to discuss anything with Rex, who is just a “job-less man” to her. One of their most memorable fights is when Rex questioned Belinda about not being in the house at 21:00hrs. Oh did he not open the mouth of a hungry lion? Belinda made sure to put him in his place, leaving Rex helpless, and with a new name – Rihanna!


  • Verbal fights

Lizzie will be caught in a fight. However, chances are she will not be throwing any punches, but using her words. We saw this in a verbal fight she had with Tembo who decided to slide into her bed. In this fight, she reminded him that he is not her husband or the father of her children. She went on to command him to sleep on the floor, pretty much showing him her landlady status.


  • Deadly fights

At the end of the first season of Makofi, we saw Anna shoving Moses who hit his head and ended up on the floor bleeding to (possible) death. This altercation was a result of Anna’s anger and desperation being met with Moses’ arrogance, when she was begging him for money to assist with her friend’s medical bills. The scene was a cliffhanger, marking the end of Makofi Season 1, leaving us with eagerness to watch the new season of Makofi starting on Monday 27 December at 19:30hrs.



  • Confrontational fights

Mutinta returned to the scene after 20 years to discover that Mai Chidoti had stolen her young child, Suwi. This was such an emotional discovery and we saw Mutinta who is usually gentle and quiet, attacking Mai Chidoti for this great betrayal. Many fights were triggered by these tensions and were heightened further between Suwi and Zuba who discovered they were sisters married to brothers.


  • Chaotic fights

One this we enjoy about Mpali are the dynamics between Nguzu’s wives as well as Nguzu’s wives against the world. In Nguzu’s household, you are guaranteed chaos from all corners of the plantation. If it’s not Shupiwe and Monde fighting about childbearing, it is Nguzu fighting with Tamara about her lying and possible cheating. Nguzu also had a memorable fight with Albert regarding Mwanida’s paternity.


These are our #BestOf21 unforgettable fights from Zambezi Magic. What are yours? Let us know in the comments section.

Make sure you catch more of these conflicts in 2022, right here on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.