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Thando reacts poorly to wedding -  Zuba Image : 3792
OneZed September Highlights Catch OneZed this month for all the laughs, drama and tears.
Join the corrupted souls of Our Daily Bread Catch the twisted odyssey that unravels the hidden truths of these intriguing characters as their lives collide in a battle for survival, power, and redemption.
My Family Wahala
OneZed Comedy Nights From classic favourites to new releases, share in hearty chuckles lined up on Friday nights with OneZed.
Thando reacts poorly to wedding -  Zuba Image : 3792
A look back of Zuba A story of love, lust, wealth and betrayal, dive into the captivating story of Zuba.
Twists and turns in MpaliDive into a tale of love, lust, wealth, and betrayal as we relook at the moments that kept people talking in the telenovela.
Mpali 1000th episode
Mpali reaches its 1000-episode markThe beloved award-winning telenovela celebrates a momentous milestone.
Ubuntu Season 3
Epic twists unfold in Ubuntu Don’t miss the twists and turns on Season 3 of Ubuntu as Queen Thandiwena fights to maintain the throne.
What to watch on OneZed this JulyFrom comedy, drama, lifestyle shows and everything in between, OneZed brings you the finest entertainment this July.
Albert gets angry - Ten Tamanga Street Image : 3777
What to watch on Zambezi Magic this JulyWatch Zambezi Magic this July for captivating shows like Mpali and Zuba, delivering thrilling storylines and unforgettable drama.
King Bugar
King Bugar returns for Season 2Zambezi Magic is excited to announce the premiere of the second season of the award-winning reality show, King Bugar.
Faking it on Tizibika Join Thandie and Wezi in their hilarious journey to stardom.
Pa Maliketi
Coming soon: Pa Maliketi Zambezi Magic to premiere the entertaining new and hilarious comedy series.
A ruthless vendetta: Watch Kopala this JulyZambezi Magic to premiere new action-drama series about deceit and revenge.
Ten Tamanga Street cast
Coming Soon: Ten Tamanga Street Don’t miss the drama that takes place in the ruthless community of Ten Tamanga Street.
Will He Say Yes? Zambia
Will He Say Yes? A modern twist on proposalsWomen break the norms and propose to their significant others. With surprises and heartfelt moments, will the men say yes?
Mutale Mwanza: Unscripted cast
Five things we've learned about Mutale Mwanza in Unscripted Sundays have never been the same since Mutale Mwanza: Unscripted premiered and here’s why.
Accra Medic cast
Don't miss Accra Medic Catch the gripping medical telenovela that delves into the issues of the Ghanaian health care system.
My Family Wahala
What to watch on One Zed this May!Whether is laugh-out-comedy, telenovelas or dramas, get ready for a month of thrilling content on One Zed.
Season 7 Zuba cast
What to watch on Zambezi Magic this May!Zambezi Magic is the home of the best local entertainment. Here’s what’s hot this May.
Mpali S6
Nguzu’s birthday bash takes an unexpected twistSurprise! Lindiwe steals the show when she brings Yvonne Chaka-Chaka to perform at Nguzu’s birthday.
My Family Wahala
Laughter, love and chaos in My Family Wahala Follow the ups and downs, along with plenty of laughter that comes when a lawyer’s husband leaves her for a younger woman in this new series on OneZed.
Shaka iLembe header
Shaka iLembe coming to Zambezi Magic in June The highly anticipated drama series, Shaka iLembe will launch on Sunday, June 18 on Zambezi Magic.
Watch the first three episodes of Kulumela on the OneZed YouTube channel A OneZed YouTube Special: The first three episodes of Kulumela are available to stream on the OneZed YouTube page. Don’t miss the must-see series.
Wanilata? comes to OneZed

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