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Shi Mumbi

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Belinda makes plans for Shi Mumbi to leave his marriage to the point that he goes to stay with her. During this time Shi Mumbi and Belinda discover some money Bana Mumbi has been saving in Shi Mumbi’s suitcase.

S3 | E18
03 February 18:00
'S3/E18'. Ba mayo comes from the village with her friend to seal forgiveness for beating Shi Mumbi. Belinda's jealousy g...




Rex takes inventory – Shi Mumbi

Officer Darlington seems to be giving up on pursuing Bana Mumbi. Shi Mumbi went through the groceries in the fridge to understand why some food items were missing.
Rex takes inventory – Shi Mumbi Image : 2941

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Shi Mumbi S3 Poll Question

Will Shi Mumbi manage to keep his marriage to Bana Mumbi intact?

Not at all! Belinda has too much evidence against him.100%
Of course! He is trying his best to be loyal to his wife. 0%