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The best Valentine’s Day in pictures – OneZed

14 February 2024
You have never enjoyed Valentine’s Day if you didn’t enjoy it like Shupiwe did!

This past Valentine’s Day, Nguzu did the unbelievable! It was a time for the polygamous man to share his love with all his five wives in Mpali but it felt like he had only done a good thing for just one wife. Shupiwe got a brand-new ride; the best one you will see cruising on Nguzu’s farm from now on, competing with Albert’s of course.

Shupiwe’s excitement had us all in a buzz and we couldn’t believe the joyous stunts the lady pulled. As much as her happiness was supposed to be contagious, it was enough to annoy all her fellow wives, right from the eldest to the youngest.

For interests’ sake, this is what Nguzu got his wives this Valentines:

  • Junza: A new pressure cooker.
  • Mwiza: A new microwave.
  • Monde: An expensive wristwatch and jewelry which Shupiwe was insulting.
  • Tamara: She received a stash of money to pay off all her debts for university.
  • Shupiwe: A brand new car.

If you missed out on the gift-giving ceremony, click here to watch the episode on Showmax.

As much as people would love to hate Shupiwe’s initial reaction to her gift, her gratitude to her loving husband Nguzu is one to note for the century!

This is how the day of love started with Shupiwe unimpressed by her fellow wives’ gifts but when her turn came, she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the keys popping out of the box!

Shupiwe immediately got into celebration mode and she was unstoppable!

As expected, her sister-wives were unhappy and jealous!

She shared a little bit of cultural gratitude to add some salt to those breathing through the wound.

Shupiwe’s gift was one for the books and we wonder if she is going to finally learn how to drive now that she is the owner of a beautiful new ride? How do you see the relationship between the wives developing after Nguzu’s big gesture of love directed at only one wife?

Will this gift be enough to keep Shupiwe out of Tamara’s business? We will have to find out as the season unfolds.

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