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Social Media reacts to Mai Guru’s meddling – Mpali

16 February 2022
What does a mother do when she sees her son’s life in jeopardy?
Mai guru's position

The last few weeks have been tough on Hambe in Mpali, who received blow after blow from reality. The young man has gone through various lessons, but we all have one question in common; has he learned about responsibility yet?

We have seen some interesting social media commentary about Hambe’s predicaments from the masses that enjoy Mpali on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5 every Monday to Thursday. The most common theme we picked up from the commentary is Mai guru Junza’s involvement in her son’s messy love life.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Junza made sure to “secure the bag”, offer Chola the “side-chick” lump-sum of money to leave her son alone and even reached out to Chibale his wife, asking her to return home. This may sound easy, but there is a lot of drama involved when it comes to playing cupid especially as the son’s mother.

We have a few questions in mind regarding a mother or mother-in-law’s meddling in their married children’s lives and are open to all opinions in this free world!

Here are some comments showing us how Zambezi Magic reacted to Mai Guru’s attempt to save Hambe’s marriage:

Many of you were appalled by Mai Guru’s “mafia-like” moves to fix Hambe’s life in defense of Chola.

Some of you have said the money Mai Guru offered Chola could be better than sticking around with a man that disrespects you.

Some viewers side with Junza’s decision to take matters into her own hands.

After witnessing Mai Guru’s sneaky behavior over the last few seasons, some viewers have a reason not to trust her decision-making and that her plans to get Hambe and Chibale back together will not work. 

There are a few important lessons we are picking up from the social media reactions about Hambe’s saga:

  1. Mothers and Mothers-in-law should not try play “fixer” in their children’s relationship problems.
  2. It always ends in tears especially when the son is as confused as Hambe.
  3. Mutual respect is the most important thing to share in a relationship.

We are looking forward to following where Hambe takes his mother’s efforts to fix his relationship, and whether he will be able to settle for either Chola or Chibale with less of his mother’s influence.

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