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Mpali continues to be the hotspot for drama and chaos – Zambezi Magic

23 March 2022
Just as you think the drama is simmering down in Mpali, it suddenly pops the lid off!
Chaos in Mpali

From the time Mpali’s Shupiwe received her Valentine’s Day gift, the plantation has been on fire with unending drama right here on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.

It has been one event after another unfolding and sending tremors throughout Nguzu’s big family. We are all curious to see how more dirty secrets about some of his wives and kids will further unravel and be revealed?

Here is some of the drama keeping Mpali hot ? this season:

Shadrech’s arrival

Cousin Shadrech’s arrival on the farm has shaken some tables giving us a fresh layer of drama from Nguzu’s plantation. Firstly, we can’t forget how he had his tongue wagging at the site of Tamara when Nguzu introduced all his wives to him. By now, it’s clear that Tamara is enjoying the attention from this newest “Singaporean addition” on the farm but it appears there could also be sparks going off between Shady and Mwanida! Oh, we can’t wait to see how this entanglement could potentially unfold. We don’t doubt Tamara’s capability to trap another one of Nguzu’s relatives. Remember when she had a fling with Hambe? If infidelity had a portfolio, hers is outstanding!

Shady’s presence on the farm is also causing distress to Jairos and Hambe who fear that their father Nguzu is going to be entrusting the farm with their cousin instead of them. The two have been working “hard” on the farm; Jairos, an authoritarian boss however being ordered around by Mai Guru and Hambe stealing from his own business and going through a series of arrests. It’s safe to say they are both not in their Nguzu’s good books right now. Could Shadrech end up being the farm’s new boss or will we see the brothers fighting for their birth rights?

Monde’s juju games

Oh, Monde had us in a panic when she turned Nguzu into a Zombie! We thought she had broken then man. Monde’s jealously led her back to Baba Mukulu’s hut for juju to make her husband do whatever she pleased. Monde had two things on top of her list; she wanted a brand-new car that was better than Shupiwe’s and she also wanted to have a son for Nguzu so that Nguzu falls in love with her more for bearing his youngest in his bloodline. Many of you expressed disappointment in Monde’s desperation leading her back to juju. Shupiwe and Junza were terrified to the bone after they witnessed their husband in a zombie-like state. In the morning, Nguzu quizzed Monde about events of the night before after she took him to the ritual with Baba Mukulu. He has started to suspect his wife of foul play. Will Monde’s dabbling in juju cause her more trouble soon or will she actually get away with it this time?

Frank is not dead

After we saw Frank receiving a beat down ordered by his second wife Selena, everyone thought he was dead. Guess what? Frank is very much alive and recovering in hospital! We can only wonder what his conscious mind is currently plotting while he is all wired up. His father is worried that once he has recovered, he might go after Nguzu and anyone else who was on his bad side before the incident. Frank was also on the run from the police so could he be coming up with a getaway plan instead?

All this and so much more is unfolding in Mpali so make sure you stay plugged in every Monday to Thursday at 20:30hrs, right here on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.

For our family and friends in the diaspora, we have a plan for you too! Click here to catch up on all events taking place in Nguzu’s plantation on Showmax!