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Jairos, I am your father – Mpali

The season finale of Mpali had everyone shook! It is the night of the retirement party, and the guests are not ready for the bombshell Nguzu drops. His only biological son is Jairos.
Jairos, I am your father – Mpali Image : 2578
Chipego’s generous solution – Mpali Image : 3369
Selina's clash! – Mpali Image : 3085
Selina's clash! – MpaliSelina's plan fails when Frank rocks up unexpectedly at the airport, ready to fight.
Missing package woes – Mpali Image : 3081
Missing package woes – MpaliTombi has returned and she is curious about what has been happening on the farm in her absence but her fellow wives have become suspicious of her. While having dinner, havoc breaks out in the Nguzu household because of the missing package.
“Where is the baby?” – Mpali Image : 3023
“Where is the baby?” – MpaliSandra, the mother of Jairos’s child is not in the mood to make peace with Chipego and Tionenji is receiving questions about the whereabouts of her child. Monde tries to find her way back into Nguzu’s heart in vain.
Chibale’s hospitality – Mpali Image : 3020
Chibale’s hospitality – MpaliJairos has been hearing rumours about his wife Chipego’s bareness. Chibale cooks a large meal for the Nguzu family but Hambe decides not to eat in fear of being poisoned.
Losing it for love – Mpali Image : 3013
Losing it for love – MpaliHambe returns and hopes to reconcile with Chibale and be a father to his child, however, it gets difficult and he tells Nguzu his plan to leave Chibale. Tamara’s father visits the plantation to see his daughter and wife.
Seven years of premium entertainment on Zambezi Magic Image : 3010
Seven years of premium entertainment on Zambezi MagicZambezi Magic has served many memorable moments to hold onto over the last seven years and promises to keep the magic flowing! Stay tuned in for more fire entertainment on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.
Shadreck is mine! – Mpali Image : 3006
Shadreck is mine! – MpaliIt’s Tamara’s graduation day but Shupiwe expects Tamara to take care of her wife duties of the day. Selena’s lie about her pregnancy is catching up as Frank decides to be involved in his unborn child’s life.
Nguzu’s wandering eyes – Mpali Image : 3001
Nguzu’s wandering eyes – MpaliZuba’s arrival on the Nguzu plantation for business has left the wives distressed about Nguzu possibly bringing in a new wife. Monde is held hostage while Mwiza tries her best have her set free.
“Like a guinea pig” – Mpali Image : 2999
“Like a guinea pig” – MpaliWith the baby arriving, Chibale is determined to pay back the family and tells Junza that the child is not Hambe’s. Back on the plantation, Shupiwe is upset about Shaddy bringing his girlfriend into Nguzu’s house.
Celebrate seven years of Zambezi Magic! Image : 2997
Celebrate seven years of Zambezi Magic!The stars of our favourite shows wish Zambezi Magic a happy seventh birthday and more years of creating magic on screen!
A growing family – Mpali Image : 2992
A growing family – MpaliAlbert out that Mwanida has been giving Frank company money. Marital affairs continue getting complicated for Nguzu with Monde leaving the farm.
New farm management – Mpali Image : 2991
New farm management – MpaliJunza wants Jairos odd the farm but Mwiza disagrees as the new boss on the farm. Mwiza calls a meeting to lay down ground rules with Patrick. Patrick receives a slap from Monde after he offends her son Cephas.
Albert buys the farm – Mpali Image : 2987
Albert buys the farm – MpaliAlbert purchases Nguzu’s farm and this development is hitting the wives hard as they believe it is all Mwiza’s fault. Nguzu finally finds out that his late wife’s will is legitimate.
The blame game – Mpali Image : 2982
The blame game – MpaliJunza is fed up with Nguzu and all the trouble he has brought her over the years by having many wives. Nguzu blames Tamara for drama on the plantation and Shupiwe plans to take over the main bedroom.
Searching for answers – Mpali Image : 2978
Searching for answers – MpaliMonde is finally receiving help with Cephas from Pauline. Jairos has been trying to get information out of Hambe who is suspected to be causing chaos on the farm.
Farm under fire – Mpali Image : 2975
Farm under fire – MpaliCliff, Phil and Boaz argue about the unstable conditions on the farm and rumors of workers joining neighboring farms. Shadrach’s father is encouraging him to go through marriage counselling before he settles down with his fiancé.
The title deeds are missing! – Mpali Image : 2971
The title deeds are missing! – MpaliShadrech and Jairos get together to talk about the land documents but there is one problem. They are missing! Cephas regains his memory and tells Monde and Mwiza all about the sad things that happened to him at his father’s house.
Shady’s arranged marriage – Mpali Image : 2966
Shady’s arranged marriage – MpaliShady is disappointed in his mother for forcing him into marriage. While trying to set up her life again, Mwiza is offended by the headmaster’s request in exchange for a job.
“Where is my mother?” – Mpali Image : 2962
“Where is my mother?” – MpaliMonde finally gets to see Cephas but he no longer recognises her as his mother. Nguzu has decided to hand over the farm documents to Jairos and Shadrech.
Monde’s juju games – Mpali Image : 2956
Monde’s juju games – MpaliNguzu and Jairos have a tough time when Junza loses her temper because of Hambe’s arrest. Monde goes ahead with her plan to put a spell on Nguzu and she is caught red-handed by Shupiwe.
rouble on the plantation – Mpali Image : 2950
Trouble on the plantation – MpaliTamara successfully works her tricks to occupy Chela’s seat in Nguzu’s accounts office. Logic spills all the beans to Patrick about Phil’s arrest.
Going after Frank – Mpali Image : 2942
Going after Frank – MpaliMwanida has discovered the truth about Frank and Selena plots her final revenge on Frank. Nguzu is under pressure to pay back the investor’s money.
Monde turns to magic – Mpali Image : 2937
Monde turns to magic – MpaliMwanida had Frank and Brown fighting over her. Driven by jealousy, Monde is doing everything in her power to make sure Nguzu buys her a car.
Chipego’s generous solution – Mpali

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