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When it’s too late – Makofi Image : 2979
Giving up on the game – Makofi Image : 2974
Giving up on the game – MakofiHannah is excited about beating Anna but she is more interested in the special medicine she had before the match. Anna reaches a breaking point where she is giving up on boxing and burns her boxing gloves.
Bwalya dreams deferred – Makofi Image : 2965
Bwalya dreams deferred – MakofiBwalya is going through a mental breakdown because of her recent boxing accident. Everyone is encouraging her to take a break until she is declared fit by the doctors.
Dying for diamonds – Makofi Image : 2953
Dying for diamonds – MakofiAnna tells Bosco to leave her house after she realises that he is not trying to improve his life and Moses finally gets blood on his hands after his stolen diamonds are returned.
Racing to the top – Makofi Image : 2940
Racing to the top – MakofiAnna is completely against Kalumba and Makuzza’s relationship in the wake of his marriage proposal. Moses is determined to make sure he invests all his time in the Commonwealth title fight.
Kalumba says yes to the ring – Makofi Image : 2929
Kalumba says yes to the ring – MakofiJoe is back and he is begging for a job at the Makofi Gym but it’s up to Anna and Kalumba to make the final decision. Under the night sky, Makuza proposes to Kalumba and he hopes this will be a chance to give their relationship another shot.
A heated face-off – Makofi Image : 2917
A heated face-off – MakofiTiny Trudy and Anna have a brawl during their boxing championship face-off after she mentions her father during her speech. The boxing board is investigating Makuza’s involvement in David Mbewe’s death.
Moses’ boxing championship – Makofi Image : 2906
Moses’ boxing championship – MakofiThe boxing championship is causing a stir with Tiny Trudy threatening to kill Anna in the boxing ring. Moses and Anna have their first face off, full of confessions and apologies since their last violent encounter.
Tradition is tradition – Makofi Image : 2894
Tradition is tradition – MakofiBosco feels like he made a mistake by proposing marriage to Anna. Meanwhile, Moses receives upsetting news about the sponsorship money.
When it’s too late – Makofi

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