A quick chat with Benas 'B-Money'

11 October 2016
There's an interesting story behind Benas Banda's nickname, B-Money! Find out what it is as we sit down with him for a quick chat.

On Friday the 7th of October Zambezi Magic launched the fresh and revamped Zed Top 10 featuring ever so cool Benas 'B-Money' Banda as the show's first ever presenter.

This week we decided to catch up with the young host to find out more about his story, his journey towards making history on the channel and how he got that catch nickname! Check out our quick chat with Benas below:

How does it feel to have been chosen as the first ever Zed Top 10 Presenter?

It feels great to have been chosen as the presenter. Wasn't expecting it, because the competition was stiff, but God's time is the best.

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Was being on TV always your dream? What would you have done if you didn't become a presenter?

Yes, being on TV was always a dream of mine. I suck at sports. As a kid while my friends were playing football, I'd be pretending as though I'm a commentator calling the match. Sometimes I'd play by myself imagining I'm on TV, so yes, it's been a life long dream. If I lost, I would have complained. I don't take losing lightly.

When and how did you get the nickname B-Money? Tell us the story!

I was given the name B-Money by an uncle. Initially I was B-Man. But then it was common, there was a store near home called "B-Man Hardware", also I was listening to radio and some guy called in saying he was "B-Man". So my uncle in 2006 named me B-Money and it stuck. Everybody wondered why "B-Money" because I was broke, but now it makes sense to be called B-Money...

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Last week was your first episode of Zed Top 10, what the experience of shooting it like for you?

Shooting was fun. But actually, seeing myself on TV is even way more fun. It's like I've reached the season finale of my life.

For those who haven't seen the show yet, what can they expect on the chart show?

A more fun show, it was too plain without a presenter. Also, Zed Top 10 to be the premier show for Zambian music. To be the Jimmy Fallon or Oprah of Zambian TV. I mean, this is on Dstv we are talking about...

Finally which music star, both local or international, would you like to interview on the show?

Locally, Macky 2, I have a lot to ask that man. And Cleo Ice Queen aswell, hopefully I'm not too shy when that day comes. Internationally, AKA, I'm a big fan, he's been to Zambia 3 times, attended all 3 shows. He's perspective on how Zambian music can reach his level of international status can be fun to know.

Catch the Zed Top 10 every Friday at 20:30CAT on Zambezi‬ Magic, DStv ch160.

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