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12 December 2018
A woman who is steadily carving out her own niche in the entertainment industry in Zambia
jessie chisi wcw

Jessie Chisi, a name that is steadily becoming a household name in the budding entertainment industry in Zambia isn’t just a pretty face with a disarming smile. A graduate of the Zambian Institute of Mass Communication in 2008, she didn’t rest on that laurel but sojourned to Finland to undergo training as a film director in 2009; and was subsequently accepted into the Berlinale Talent Campus in 2010.

A human rights advocate who believes fervently in empowering women to find their voice, Jessie uses the one tool she has mastered very well, movie making as a driver for her messages.

A non-conformist who believes in charting her own course through life, Jessie finds herself at a point in her life where she has to balance being a wife and a film director, a feat she has grasped well and seems to be excelling at, bagging awards and international acclaim in the process, with some of her films.

She is currently working on Zambia’s first Telenovela Zuba and the raves and reviews the show has garnered buttresses the message behind her social work; “you can excel at anything if you put your mind and heart to it”.

The face of a goddess, a smile that rivals the sun’s glow, and a fashion style that shines through whether in jeans and a T-shirt or dolled up, Jessie is really a woman who has stolen our hearts, and if we had a second heart; we would gladly surrender it to her too.

Recently celebrating 16 years in the industry, we believe Jessie Chisi has barely scratched the surface on what she has to offer us both on the local and international scene and we look forward to the day when her name will be called on the Oscars stage for a duly deserved award. Look out for us as we shall be the loudest voice in the room, screaming her name out loud in celebration of our own.

*Images culled from @j_chisi

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