Zambezi Magic continues to be the home of African storytelling

16 February 2022
Zambezi Magic continues to be the home of African storytelling, with Zuba’s new season on the horizon!
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21 February, Lusaka, Zambia: From extremely amusing comedies to heart-warming stories of people who remind viewers of themselves, Zambezi Magic is proud to be the home of magnificent African tales whilst remaining true to its tagline, “Sharing Our Stories”

“For over five years, we have been a leader in African storytelling – creating local stories that evoke a sense of pride in being African. We are proud of the work that we have done and continue to do work that not only grows our industries creatively, socially, and economically, but that also resonates with our viewers and keeps them captivated” said Mosibudi Pheeha, Channel Head for Zambezi Magic.

“We pride ourselves on providing a platform where we can shine the spotlight on some of the top talents in the region, be it in front of the camera or those working tirelessly behind it. Thank you to our loyal viewers for staying tuned in as well as the continued dedication from our content curators who have made it all possible,” she concludes.

Continuing with our commitment to enriching and mirroring the lives of our viewers, we are proud to announce that season 6 of the beloved telenovela Zuba will premiere on our screens on Thursday 28 April.

Dubbed Zambia’s first telenovela, Zuba is currently on season 5, and the themes that it brilliantly touches on include love, lust, greed, and betrayal, keeping viewers hooked during its primetime slot of 20h00, Monday to Friday, the riveting series unfolds at the intersection between rich and poor, the truth and lies, to create a spellbinding series loved by many.

Starring an acclaimed cast including Mwaka Mugala (Zuba), Sophia Chapeshamano (Natasha Sosala), Barbara Maramwidze (Lute) and Sam Sakala (Thando Sosala), the Zuba is just one of the shows on Zambezi Magic (DStv channel 162, GOtv Supa channel 5) that epitomises our excellent, real and relatable storytelling.

In addition to Zuba, some of the incredible stories viewers can enjoy on Zambezi Magic include the mega hit show Mpali (Monday to Thursday, 20:30), a thrilling telenovela which unravels drama, deceit and love to its massive fanbase; millennial drama Amooye (Monday to Wednesday at 21h30) which tackles relatable and hard-hitting themes such as finding one’s place in the world, and the hope of adjusting to a new way of life after things fall apart; and the reality dating show Wanilata? (Fridays at 21h00) which sees hopeful romantics shooting their shot with their long-time crushes.

Also leading the line-up of loved stories is fan favourite drama Umutenge (Thursdays and Fridays at 19h30), which returned for a new season earlier this month. Its relatable themes of family wrangles, deception, crime and misplaced envy are keeping viewers firmly glued to their screens.

From riveting thrills to fantastic humour, one of the funniest comedies on Zambezi Magic has to the much-loved Uncle Limbani (Fridays at 20.30). Season 2 sees Uncle Limbani on many more humorous and outrageous misadventures, set off by Limbani’s long-time love Gertrude in almost every episode.

And finally, on a different note, returning to Zambezi Magic for season 4 is the women-led talk show Tuvwange Lifestyle (Thursdays at 21:30), which premiered last week. Hosted by powerhouses Natasha Van Der Maas, Esther Chungu, Mutale Mwanza and former Miss Zambia Michelo Malambo, this season steps things up a notch, touching on hotter topics and providing an even bigger platform for the voices of women to be heard.

Whatever your mood, interest or personality, Zambezi Magic has enough to keep you, your family and friends entertained, enthralled and enlightened. Your story is our story, and we will always keep the tales coming.