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The curious case of Mpihlangene – Isibaya

12 February 2021
First he wanted Fenayng to pay for Phumelele’s hand in marriage and now he wants Sbu’s millions.
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He has to be the most un-Zungu Zungu! To call Mkabayi’s younger brother a killjoy would be an understatement. He came onto the Bhubesini scene with a bang when he arrived after decades of being away. He caught Melusi snogging his new girlfriend on the Manzini grounds and gave him a hiding to remember. That really should have been a sign of the Mpihlangene trouble to come. However, nothing could have prepared us for younger Sengwayo’s mischief.

Just when Phumelele had divorced Sengwayo and was ready to start a new life as Mrs Fenayng Molefenyane, Mpihlangene was quick to kill their love flame. Not only did he travel all the way to Phumelele’s apartment uninvited to tell her to come back to eBhubesini to be a Zungu wife after divorce, but he made it impossible for the Molefenyanes to pay lobola to the Zungus, pushing her to her limits. 

Could we say it is his fault that Phumelele now lies in hospital fighting for her life? He terrorized Fenyang so much, even landing him in hospital, that the infamous advocate found himself stooping to new lows when he hired a hitman to kill Mpihlangene. Little did he know that Mpihlangene was safely in the warm hands of Sibongile and Melusi took the bullet instead. In a bid to save her son’s life, Phumelele donated a kidney to Melusi but she remains critical in hospital.

Mpihlanegene’s new conquest is Sbu and it may be his toughest adversary yet. In Sengwayo's will, he left R30-million to Thandeka, which by marriage association now belongs to Sbu. Only R10-million of that amount Sbu has been asked to share with Melusi when the time is right in accordance with Sengwayo’s final wishes.

Mpihlangene cannot bear the thought of a Gatsheni having R20-million of his brother’s money. He really couldn’t bear it if it was anyone anyway. His self-appointed mission now is to get Sbu to pay back the money but the Ndlovu heir is not budging. What would you do if you were Sbu? Would you give back the R20-million to the Zungus?

All we can say is Mpihlangene better watch his back, Sbu is no city advocate, he is a Bhubesini warrior. It will take a lot more than intimidation to get him to give back the money.

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